Still unvaccinated in Ontario? Expect a call from the government

2021.10.18 19:59 nimobo Still unvaccinated in Ontario? Expect a call from the government

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2021.10.18 19:59 GreenCardiologist111 got all her onlyfans contents dm for mega link

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2021.10.18 19:59 XuexinZhang Ethereum network has destroyed more than 552000 eth

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2021.10.18 19:59 Environmental_Foot40 Getting back into the game

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2021.10.18 19:59 ZoolShop My goal to 1 BTC

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2021.10.18 19:59 AnalUkelele Weer een tweehersencellenvergelijking

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2021.10.18 19:59 Delenco Escape from Tarkov birthday.

Is it true people got a present last week (weapon case)? I was on vacation and have nothing.
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2021.10.18 19:59 Legitimate_Street_26 😩 the struggle, man

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2021.10.18 19:59 Baguettesonaboat 13 DPO. Temp coming down 😞 irregular cycles.

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2021.10.18 19:59 Ni7roM Major first day schedule (via @pglesports on Twitter)

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2021.10.18 19:59 ShortAlgo $EEM And now awaiting Short signal; Free 7-day trial at

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2021.10.18 19:59 TheDeathryuger Dude…

So I found another person switching out their team after using Ninja Tommy to climb, out of respect for that player (as they are actually good at the game) I will not put them on blast but for shame bro - is being in the top 200 REALLY that worth it?! Fuck, just stop until they nerf that shit bag - Let the potato heads cannibalize each other and lose all that money.
I for one am going to be on here laughing and trolling every fucktard who cries about nWay “stealing their money” and how it’s “not fair”.
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2021.10.18 19:59 Akalankaaoki Don't miss it

This project takes all the attention of crypto lover's. I think this project will go high and the future is very bright. I am so happy to be a part of this project.
#crypto #blockchain #cryptocurrency #lightdefi #DeFi #BEP20 #BSC #Binance
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2021.10.18 19:59 unknownbone The Death of Maggie McKinley

I gazed at the crucifix on the hospital wall while listening to the last sacrament I'd ever receive. Jack, my husband of 50 years, held my hand and tried to blink his tears away as Father Jacob finished his prayer on a solemn 'Amen'.
I squeezed Jack's hand and hazily gazed around my hospice bed. They spoke in hushed tones with sorrow stained faces but they’d never looked more beautiful to me. Three generations of my family, gathered around me, at the end.
My doctor had been slowly increasing the amount of morphine flowing through my IV drip all day. I felt better than I had in a long time - since before Cancer swapped my zeal for life with pain.
My eyelids were so heavy. I closed them - for a moment. I knew I was dying but didn't feel afraid. It was deeply comforting to be surrounded by people who loved me. Struggling to keep my eyes open, I tried to tell my family "I love you" with my last breath and then everything went black.
I woke up, wracked in physical discomfort that made Cancer feel like a canker sore. Every nerve in my body was either on fire or 37 degrees past hypodermic - I couldn’t quite tell. At first, I kept my eyes closed tightly against the unyielding pain - hoping it would pass. It didn't.
Eventually, I squinted open in stages until I could make sense of my surroundings. To my abject confusion, I was in St. Joseph’s - my childhood church, sitting on a pew that felt like it was made out of shards of glass. I tried to stand up but found myself restrained by iron boots that were welded to the floor. Every move I made compounded my pain. I started to panic - realizing that something must have gone terribly wrong with my end of life care.
I opened my mouth to call for help. I tried to tell Jack that the morphine wasn’t working....nothing happened. I had no voice. I'd never been so terrified in all my life.
“Oh, Darling!"
A smooth, deep voice resonated through the room.
"You’re not experiencing the worst terror you've ever felt in your life... You're playing a new game now. This is your afterlife, honey-pie."
I desperately looked around hoping to find the source of the voice but all I saw were fractured memories of my times in the church: my squalling infant face as I was baptized with water and oil, the moment the Body of Christ touched my tongue during my first communion, my beaming father, lifting my veil and kissing my cheek before handing me over to Jack on our wedding day.
It was beyond disturbing to witness these wonderful events in my life - set to the backdrop of torment. I began to cry tears that burned my face like fire.
“At 10:24pm on July 5th 2019 you, Mary Margret McKinley – better known as Maggie, died from an overdose of Morphine.”
'No,' I thought. 'This isn’t real.'
“Oh, sweet Maggie. This actually might be the most real thing you’ve ever experienced.”
A man suddenly appeared, draped over the altar. He had dark skin, perfectly symmetrical features and was dressed in a smart pinstripe suit. His face was alight with amusement.
“Hallelujah, Maggie McKinley! Welcome to hell!”
‘This can’t be happening,’ I prayed. ‘Oh, Lord! Please help me!’
The man on the altar tisked his tongue as he rose and began walking toward me.
“Oh, Maggie, don't you understand? There is no more help for you."
Fresh acid tears streamed down my face as I realized that the morphine drip I’d agreed to during my final hours was akin to suicide. Father Jacob had been wrong after all! I’d broken a commandment. I’d ended my otherwise devout life with a sin.
“Oh, Silly Do you honestly think a benevolent Creator would punish you for ending your life on your own terms – especially considering the circumstances?"
'But I was a good Catholic my whole life!' I screamed inside my head.
"I was such a good Catholic!" The man was blatantly mocking me now.
“Really, Maggie? Your devout life? Is that what you think? That you lived devoutly? Let me ask you a question: who, exactly, were you devout to in your life?”
Righteous indignation swelled inside me as I thought as loudly as I could, ‘I don’t have to answer this! Who the hell are you?’
He was two pews in front of me now, resting a casual hand on the ornately carved wood. My pain hadn’t seemed to subside, but I must have gotten used to it because it hadn’t been in the forefront of my mind until I met his piercing stare - then agony enveloped me again with a vengeance, until I looked away.
“Oh, Maggie.” he purred “You know exactly who I am. I'm Lucifer, baby.”
I wanted to object, wanted to call him a drug addled hallucination but something about his words rang true. I was madly trying to make sense out of what was happening and my thoughts were no longer coherent, but one was pervasive: what could I have possibly done to disappoint God so completely?
Lucifer laughed then. It was a rich, joyful laugh and it filled me with the worst tremors of fear I’d yet experienced.
“Disappoint him? Oh, Sweetie. Don’t flatter yourself. My boy doesn’t even know you exist. Your life was empty, meaningless. You didn’t even make it onto God’s radar.”
A thrill of hope filled me, momentarily chasing my pain away. The Devil was a trickster, a charlatan, the liar of all liars. This must be my last test. If I remained pure and steadfast in my belief in the Lord surely this nightmare would give way to the pearly gates of heaven.
“You know, Maggie…they almost all think that at first, and honestly, I’m just about sick of it. I have the worst reputation on modern day Earth.” Lucifer began pacing back and forth across the aisle with the coiled tension of a caged tiger.
“The Father of Lies, the root of all evil, tempter, usurper, traitor….Bah! I am an Angel!”
As he shouted the word angel, he threw up his arms and was surrounded with pure golden light that beckoned me to look at him again. He was beautiful. Looking at him drenched in gold was like a balm to my soul. I suddenly felt warm and comfortable and loved. I stared at him in unintentional adoration for a moment and then, as he laughed again, the beautiful light dimmed and pain came rushing back to me.
“They say I was cast out, they say God stopped loving me. That’s how mankind justifies their own wickedness – the devil made me do it. Puh-lease. I am, and always have been, God’s favorite. His most trusted adviser. I don’t make you people do anything, but I watch everything you do. And if you are not worthy of God, I don’t bother him with you.”
I suddenly believed him. There was just one thing I still didn’t understand. "What did I do wrong? I was a faithful wife, a good Christian…I did everything I was supposed to do."
Lucifer’s voice held contempt as he answered me. “Did you really, Mary Margaret? Did you?”
Lucifer stopped pacing and stood before me with his arms stretched out in supplication. He morphed into the form of a dirty, disheveled man holding a grimy coffee cup. “Did you love me like a brother?”
An image of my younger self answered before I could. The stylish woman I was in my late 20’s appeared from nowhere to look down her nose at Lucifer, side stepping his outstretched arms.
“Why don’t they do something about these disgraceful people?” she said, as she clutched her pocketbook closer and hurried back into the nothingness from which she’d come.
Hobo Lucifer transformed into the Hijab clad woman who lived down the street from me a few years ago. “Did you love me like a sister?”
Again, I saved myself from having to answer by reappearing, as an old woman this time, looking suspiciously at my neighbor and whispering about decreasing property values.
Lucifer shimmered and changed one last time. He took on the features of Steven, my youngest son. I didn’t think that the pain I was experiencing could get any worse, but looking at Stevie, my heart shattered. He was 17 years old, the day he told his father and I that he was gay. For the first time, I experienced his pain in that moment, instead of just my own. I felt his heartbreak. I felt his shame. I felt the same pain my baby boy felt as his father and I called him an abomination and slammed the door of his home in his face - our final act as his parents.
I closed my eyes around a fresh batch of tears and understood. I may have been a good Christian, but I hadn’t been a good person. I was given a simple task; to love my fellow man – and I’d failed. I hadn’t even properly loved my own.
“I’m so sorry!” These were the first words I’d been able to vocalize in hell. My voice sounded sharp and weak, as if it carried the weight of my newly revealed transgressions.
“You are sorry, Mary.” Lucifer’s tone was more remorseful than mocking this time. “If it helps at all, you aren’t alone.”
The devil snapped his fingers and I opened my eyes to see that I was no longer in St. Joseph’s Church. I was sitting on a bench, in a row of benches that extended farther that I could see in every direction. I was lost in a sea of faces.
Lucifer’s form vanished but his voice echoed around the cavernous void of lost humanity, “Most people get it wrong, Mary. I keep all of you unworthy souls away from God, he has such faith in you pathetic humans…it would hurt him deeply to know what his favorite creations are really like.”
As his voice faded away horrified screams and pain wracked shrieks filled my ears. I raised my own voice, hoping to be heard over the cacophony of noise around me, “Is there anything I can do?”
Lucifer’s laugh reached my ears over the din around me as his form faded away, “Yes, Mary. You can feel remorse with no self pity attached to it. But good luck with that - no one ever has.”
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2021.10.18 19:59 Wrangler2019 This cat has never left my buns side in the past 2 months

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2021.10.18 19:59 TheSaltyTarot Two-Hour Readings

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2021.10.18 19:59 gavep100 Szexi kecske

A vidék határában a konzervatívok tanyáztak, ment is a tivornyázás a táborukban – természetesen szigorúan csak nőkkel. Gulyászabálás, kefirzabálás, zsírzabálás és a szokásos magyar dolgok. Egy szexi kecske jön ki eléjük és nagyon beindulnak. Előveszik mind a faszukat és fellációra kényszerítik az élőlényt, aminek alig fér be a szájába. Szájer-féle konzervatív buli.
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2021.10.18 19:59 sweylyn1 Space Ishtar is here

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2021.10.18 19:59 bscgembsc ⚡ DUMB APE ⚡ marketplace just released Best Bsc NFTs

Welcome to the Dumb ape community !

The Dumb apes Academy consists of 1,000 randomly generated Dumb apes living on the binance smart chain network. Dumb apes can be found with a variety of different colours, outfits, and faces but no two Dumb apes are alike. Each Dumb apes brings their own style with unique hats, hair, clothing, and faces from a total of 144 different attributes!


At the Academy we don't have any dress codes, every ape is welcome! That said, some Dumb apes have more style than others.

Dumb apes are scored on a scale of 3 to 13 points. The ranking and background color of your Dumb apes is determined by the total score of all attribute scores. Rarer items or features like an astronaut suit will score higher than common items like a bandana.


The Academy uses an all new reflectionary minting system that earns ape holders BNB!

This means that 10% of every minting fee is reflected back to existing Dumb apes holders and can be claimed at any time!

The rewards don't stop when minting is complete! In our marketplace original minters of Dumb apes earn 1% royalties each time their Dumb apes is resold and 3% of each sale is redistributed between all Dumb apes holders.

The website :

Telegram :
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2021.10.18 19:59 Mobile_Spite_301 Hei! Tein muutama päivä sitten langan koronapassista ja olisi pitänyt etsiä lähteet välttääkseen miinus karmat mutta kyseinen kaveri käy videolla ne läpi. Kiitoksia ja viisaampaa huomista kaikille!

Hei! Tein muutama päivä sitten langan koronapassista ja olisi pitänyt etsiä lähteet välttääkseen miinus karmat mutta kyseinen kaveri käy videolla ne läpi. Kiitoksia ja viisaampaa huomista kaikille! submitted by Mobile_Spite_301 to Suomi [link] [comments]

2021.10.18 19:59 ClaudioHplus I’ve just copyed files from an external drive to “iCloud Drive” on my iPad. Why iCloud storage left is unchanged but my iPad storage is diminished of the exact same size of the copyed file?

Can I use iCloud Drive to storage my files and avoid using the internal storage of my devices?
Thank you all!
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2021.10.18 19:59 Bruddler Julian Reichelt ist einen Job los

Wie der Focus berichtet wurde Reichelt vom Springer Verlag seiner Aufgaben entbunden.
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2021.10.18 19:59 vaxfarineau Holy shit help

I started at the Pro Desk recently and uh… nobody knows what they’re doing. I can’t get trained. I have no clue what to do and they didn’t even tell me how to make a phone call properly so I couldn’t complete a phone sale when they left me COMPLETELY alone. I also started an hour earlier than everyone who can train me so I was just there… alone…. Unable to help customers because I don’t even know the POS system yet. Please help, SERIOUS advice besides “just quit.” I’m making good money finally and I don’t mind retail work, I like it in fact. I just want to know what the hell im doing and how to work genesis.
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2021.10.18 19:59 Diazepampoovey Shots Fired in Alma today; police have the gunman in custody

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2021.10.18 19:59 Civobot In Dota 2, Team Spirit wins The International 2021, the first World Championship for a team from the Commonwealth of Independent States since The International 2011.

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