Russia is suspending its mission to NATO: Russian foreign minister

2021.10.18 18:02 autotldr Russia is suspending its mission to NATO: Russian foreign minister

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Russia's foreign minister said Monday that the country is suspending its mission to NATO.Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said the move is in response to last week's expulsion by NATO of eight members of Russia's mission to the military alliance.
NATO said they were secretly working as intelligence officers and halved the size of Moscow's team able to work at its headquarters.
Lavrov also announced that NATO's military liaison and information offices in Moscow would be closed.
RUSSIAN THRUSTERS ACCIDENTALY TILT INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION AGAIN. "As a result of NATO's deliberate moves, we have practically no conditions for elementary diplomatic work and in response to NATO's actions we suspend the work of our permanent mission to NATO, including the work of the chief military envoy, probably from Nov. 1. Or it may take several more days," Lavrov said.
The Russian mission isn't based at NATO's headquarters, but in a leafy neighborhood in the south of the Belgian capital, Brussels.
NATO suspended practical cooperation with Russia in 2014 after it annexed Ukraine's Crimean peninsula, but has kept channels open for high-level meetings and for military-to-military cooperation.
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2021.10.18 18:02 munzwurf Trockner oder Wäschegestell mit kleiner Familie?

Hi zusammen,
meine Frau und ich nutzten die letzten 10 Jahre ein Wäschegestell für's Wäsche trocknen. Nun erwarten wir demnächst Zwillinge und überlegen, ob es Sinn macht auf einen Trockner umzusteigen. Hauptgedanken, die wir bisher haben:
- Mit steigendem Wäschebedarf wollen wir uns Zeit und Stress ersparen in den nächsten Jahren. Aufhängen, vor allem viele kleine Gegenstände, macht uns wenig Spaß.
- Uns ist klar, dass man nicht alle Materialien trocknen sollte. Verschleißen aber auch "Standard T-Shirts und Jeans" in Trocknern? Ist der Verschleiß geringer bei modernen Modellen?

Wäre cool Erfahrungen anderer Leute zu hören. Freuen uns auch über Tipps zu Marken und ob gebraucht oder neu gekauft wurde.
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2021.10.18 18:02 MugShots LVMPD Traffic Alert

LVMPD Traffic Alert ACCIDENT (TRAFFIC) E PEBBLE RD / S EASTERN AVE 10/18/2021 8:30:29 AM incident #LLV211000073998
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2021.10.18 18:02 aeong09 HoT now is a must-have huh...? That's nice.

what about snek?
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2021.10.18 18:02 3dandimax Anyone have the leak for this Lil Durk song??? Heard it on 92.3 so it's out there, link in text post Dude whose channel it is says he has it, wondering if anyone has it and could dm me a link with the full song.
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2021.10.18 18:02 Pennstroud 90 Day Fiance - New Couples, New Season | 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days | Facebook

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2021.10.18 18:02 Anaconduck Recent photo of Jade Jolie and Delta Work. These two friends are absolutely stunning!

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2021.10.18 18:02 Beelzeboba Will make figures for money

I’ll make pokeylope, any animal, and oatmeal for money
you can look at my previous post of oatmeal to judge the quality for yourself
you will have to pay half up front and each one will cost 250
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2021.10.18 18:02 DonSimon76 "Turn on Family Room Lights"also turns on Roku TV. It isn't a dang light!

I have a group set up "Family Room". It has 2 lamps set up under "Lights", the Family Room Roku, and speakers. When I say "Alexa, turn on the Family Room lights". The lights turn on but so does the Roku TV.
My expectation is that it only turn on the lights. Why isn't that the case?

Thanks for any help you can give!!!
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2021.10.18 18:02 nater2204 New spring

I have a CYMA 650 SR-47 MOSFET edition and i want a different spring for it because it's shooting too hot. What do you recommend i get?
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2021.10.18 18:02 killerdemonsarus34 let's pay respects to the losers of the mob votes 🙏

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2021.10.18 18:02 it-burns-us-precious my friend and I drew Darth Jar Jar on the board in math class.... wesa in big doo doo now!

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2021.10.18 18:02 smakuliak My country must be eliminated from the earth surface

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2021.10.18 18:02 DramaticSprinkles133 Jeep Engine into dodge Dakota

So I seen that the dodge Dakota 1998 has a option for 5.2 L engine I have a jeep with that engine I was wondering how difficult it will be to swap it in
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2021.10.18 18:02 donknoch Anybody else getting tired of seeing a headline that reads “AJ brown status unclear”.

He obviously very talented but his reliability is an issue
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2021.10.18 18:02 Simone_Scarpa UV/IR Cut Filters

Hello, so, I have a Canon 5D Mark II that I want to modify but a full spectrum (naked sensor) mod will cost me less than 100€ and an H-Alpha mod will cost me 290€. I was wondering if a screw-on front sized 77mm filter will do the same job as a Baader filter for e.g.
I understand the implications of putting a filter further ahead in the optical train but since I will be using it with a 135mm lens, I'm not particularly concerned about that.
Is there any substantial difference to using a (far) cheaper 77mm front UV IR cut filter to having a standard Ha mod? I would be absolutely fine having that added component since I don't really have any issues with weight or space. Thanks in advance.
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2021.10.18 18:02 holdermanju Where to get cheap used tires in Myrtle Beach or Conway!!! It's an emergency!

Can someone please help me with finding cheap used tires in Myrtle Beach area? It's an emergency... I know of one place that charges $50 for use tires and they have 80% tread... But to be honest I can get a brand new tire from Walmart for that same price... It may not be a great tire. But seriously it's pretty much the same price... After the fees that they charged it's like $10 more. But it has 100% tread obviously... So is there anywhere that I can get a cheaper tire? When I lived in Florence South Carolina I found a place that sold used tires for $30 a piece... When I lived in Ohio I could get a used tire for $35 max of $40... So someone please help me out. I need something cheaper than 50 bucks... I am flat broke right now but I have to get a tire...
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2021.10.18 18:02 tanzu122 Super yummy Gobbler Quesadilla (heated on a stovetop pan)

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2021.10.18 18:02 nickbalti Change Voice Chat Default Output Device?

Is it possible to have normal game Audio come through my PC speakers but the In Game Voice Chat output via my PC Headset?
I cannot see this option in settings.
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