👀 you guys think it will fit my B48?? (Freeall for scale)

2021.10.18 18:05 gitbse 👀 you guys think it will fit my B48?? (Freeall for scale)

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2021.10.18 18:05 champ9474 A wierd play store issue

Hey! So i have like 4 google accounts on my device, and this only happens on my 3 non main accounts. Whenever i click an app in the play store, then go back, it lets me choose which device to install on, but it only lists mine. Every time i go back and fort, it generates an another one( so like if i go bsck and forth 6 times it will list "this phone" 6 times). Has anyone experienced this bug? It only happens with the newest update
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2021.10.18 18:05 wheble66 Doom Eternal Master Level Taras Nabad

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2021.10.18 18:05 Actual-Echidna2905 Yay!

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2021.10.18 18:05 maxkoloti What to do regarding 550s and shipping

Was able to win the raffle, got the tracking number on the 12 said it would come on the 15 however wasn’t going to be home so I spent 10$ to move the date to Friday(the 16th), however they never came in and everytime I check my tracking it says that ups hasn’t even received the shoes and when I contact ALD they send me the same copy and paste shit about the new balances on how if I won it would take 4-6 weeks to get shipping, What should I do?
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2021.10.18 18:05 NitrogenKepler How can I overcome the embarrassment of letting others know about the goals I achieve?

Hi, I’m a 21 y.o. developer. I have always had a passion for programming and since I was in school I always tried to make my own projects, but a thing that never left me is the embarrassment for what I was doing, even if I thought my project was cool and everything I always refrained from showing others, even to my parents. This didn’t only apply to development, but to everything, I would feel shame when drawing something, writing something or even cooking something. I always thought that maybe one day, when I finally accomplished something worthy I would stop feeling this bad and would finally find the guts to show someone.
A couple days ago I finally finished my first app and managed to get it published on Google Play. I can’t express how happy I was when I finally saw It on the store available for download, but the good feelings didn’t last for long: I then needed people to use my absolutely unknown app… I had to let friends and other people know I made and published an app, and not only that, everyone could (and should) try it.
Everytime I think about it I feel instantly embarrassed, I fear that the ones I know would mock me behind or in front of my back, that my friends and not would laugh when thinking about the idiot that thought he could accomplish something useful. I didn’t publish an instagram story, didn’t make a post, didn’t tell my friends, I didn’t even tell my colleagues fearing that they would laugh it off as an overdoing Junior who just wants to make himself look good.
The only things I did were putting the download link in my instagram bio (shortened so that no one could know what that was about until he opened it) and letting my girlfriend tell her best friend (almost causing me a metaphorical stroke).
I also tried to make an entire instagram page just to advertise my app so that I would only target unknown people, but I stopped when I thought that someone I know could find the page anyway and follow the trail to me.
I’m pretty tired of feeling this way, but I can’t find other points of view on the matter, every scenario I play in my head always ends in the same bad way. I need to overcome whatever this is if I want to accomplish something though.
Even my social media presence in general is influenced by this: my last instagram (the only social I use) post is a couple years old, and my last story comes not so long after. The reason is almost the same as before: someone might see the post and think something along the lines of: “, does he really think someone cares about what he does? Does he think he is cool? ….” and so on.
I’m perfectly aware that such disastrous scenarios are not possible, but I can’t help but feel a painful dread when things actually need to get public.
I also found this closed question on InterpersonalSkills Exchange that describes very well another part of my personality that I think is someway connected to this issue. It's a bit off-topic (about my question, not the subreddit) but i'm going to leave it here in case you want a better insight on my way of thought.
Do anyone have any idea of what can I do to overcome this? I hope I found the right place to ask this.
P.S. Special story time: the thing that embarrasses me the most and that still haunts me to this day is the YouTube channel I made when I was 12. I used to hang out on that platform as a kid and, fascinated by all those big youtubers, I wanted to be like them: so I took my console, my camera, and 4/5 videos later I was already dying from embarrassment. I made all the videos private apart from the ones I thought might be actually helpful to someone: the biggest mistake of my life. Fast forward a couple years and I lost access to that account, I can’t delete those videos. Now they are my biggest fear, that someone could find them out. Some friends already know and when they bring the matter up I feel so bad I’d rather die, so bad I almost cry (and I was 19 the last time it happened, so I was not a kid anymore).
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2021.10.18 18:05 DiBenevento Citations, References and Quotations - Oh My Word!

I got a real shellacking tjis morning from u/IRaBN who had once been chastised for trying to come out as Ra and providing salutations and good byes in the same way as Ra, as well as from some disciple called u/tigonridge also concurred with him. If the first username had not gone overboard, I would have tolerated his infantile/pre-teen behaviour.
The issue was that most of my posts had information both from TRM and as well as other sources like the Christ Letters, Q'uo and Philip Dick, but that this was not stated. U/IRaBN suggested that in instances when I get info from other material, I cite sources or go to the internet and type out phrases that are in.my head to eliminate the risk of being seen to be plagiarizing data. Jesus Christ.
The advice is good in itself but the manner in which it was delivered was extremely poor showing that this user, even if he thinks he is a wanderer of say 1billion years away from our standpoint, is terribly mistaken. Having been grilled on his Ra mimicry and also on how he guided me, it is self-evident the gentleman has not passed through both the density of compassion and understanding and the density of wisdom, and is most likely an earth soul through and through, and will probably look like the meme of Bryan Cranston failing to make fourth density, unless he gets his head out of his behind.
When I have answered or provided comments here or anywhere else, I have provided links to the material and, when thanked, I have categorically disclaimed authorship of the material. I have also taken the liberty to advise that I have an eidetic memory and I remember things both before and after birth. Other than that I have explained I am haunted by fifth density beings, and not ghosts or spirits or entities from your inner planes, and these entities are banished on almost a daily basis and another returns after some days to face the same fate. The goal is to wear me out, as Ra said, using insidious tactics like making you feel tired so you do not meditate or pray, in addition to providing drive to whatever physical limitations one may carry. Garlic or watered salt has at times helped but not always and the one definitive thing that works is the challenge for them to accept the Lordship of Jesus over them or be gone, or by me blasting the entire room in Christ consciousness. At times I extend love to them by challenging them to keep quiet, without dispatching them. 5 months ago during meditation in which the Q'uo group and Jesus were mentally accompanying me, there was commotion in my wardrobe. I challenged the entity and unfortunately for it, the 4 warring arch angels were standing by the four sides of my seat. As it started a commotion again, I asked Archangels Raphael and Auriel to go in the wardrobe and kick out what was making noise and take it out of the room, premises, neighbourhood but not to harm it in any way. And that happened with Archangels Michael and Gabriel remaining with me and the mental accompaniment from the Q'uo team and Jesus proceeding. And yes, I could feel their presence as I have always had the feeling of being watched from another world.
I only found TRM in February last year but I always knew linear time was an illusion from at least before I was 3 in 1979 and that reality was equally illusory when I was definitely 3 and confirmed that before I was 6 in 1982. Due to dual memories on same events, past memories of another world and memories of being burned alive in this world, in April 2017 I decided to go on a quest to find out what about was our Creator and what exactly was I. Almost immediately, I came under psychic attacks and the entire environment was evidently haunted by things I could not fathom. This was three years before I found TRM in February 2020. Exorcisms were performed in January and March 2018, and this marginally reduced the scale of harassment I was enduring, but overall it continued and sky-rocketed on 26th February 2020 and 9th March 2020, the two days I discovered TRM and shared with others respectively. I have suffered debilitating pain illness since I was 3 and have taken all kinds of meds to address that, some of which cause short-term memory loss. Now I am also different in that since February 16 this year, I started banishing entities in Jesus's name and all psychic attacks stopped, except the occasional rattling to let me know I am being watched. On 31 March this year, my pain was so extreme I attempted self-healing for the first time and it worked and it became my go to act when I do not respond to earthly meds, and where I cannot, Jesus does it as I reach out to him, or I do it myself by reaching out to intelligent infinity. Healings by Jesus are not inclusive of any word exchanges between us. They are immediate and there is no talking at all. When i convert myself to him using the power of LOO, I even momentarily heal preincarnative conditions given as catalyst, but that is in moments when it is clear the pain has exceeded the preprogrammed threshold and I feel intelligent infinity and intelligent energy and Jesus Christ are all with me. I trance to the past and future and in present time to different countries.
I work exclusively from home even if I own a firm and I have gone 4 years without any of my staff seeing me because of both agoraphobia and severe pain illness. However, I can extract facts and energies from any entity just by being given the name and I have written reports in excess of a thousand pages without even leaving my room. I have abilities which give me an unfair advantage over others and because of that, I have never accepted any national or international accolades for my academic or professional achievements or work.
Which brings me back to to U/IRaBN and U/tigonridge. I have an eidetic memory and remember everything, word for word. I am sorry if you do not. But i do not bother myself with cover names or titles or page numbers or chapter numbers as I read and write or type very fast. The information becomes localised as part of my mental inventory and pulled out whenever an appropriate occasion comes, not stored for that purpose, but just kept within memory as any other data. Where I remember to what I was referring, citing or quoting, due reference of source or credit is given. This can be proven by my many posts on this sub. Where the information is such an amalgam of various parts whether it be my own views, venting, inclusive of TRM, or other and it becomes difficult and cumbersome to cite sources I do not bother when on this site, because we are not here to prove who is more divine, holier than thou, or more intelligent. We are here to help each other understand, within limitations of that word, TRM or LOO. If I put up a post as OP to help the sub consider something that will help propel it forward as a mini-social complex, it is more important than citing sources for reasons of ensuring people know the post is not an original piece if work. This is different for comments or responses. When one responds to any comment using secondary material, it is imperative, if not mandatory, to disclaim that by stating it is either not your views, or it is this other selves views I.e. providing citations. For posts meant to help the sub reflect and provide input or comments, the necessity to do that is void ab initio and the limitation in scope environment for the basis of the Post is non-descript, immatetial or insignificant because the goal is to discuss the Post and contents, and not the merits or demerits of whether or not it is a cited text as should be done in comments. Also, eidetic memory beings have one fundamental disadvantage. We carry a lot of unnecessary baggage of information and remember things that can easily be classified as useless, long ago forgotten by others, making us appear childish or unforgiving when in essence the memory of the event is carried in real time as is the pain or emotions felt during a particular incident. Users here like U/DivineGoddess have asked from where some of my posts or comments have been derived and I gave given a complete and veritable plethora of sources or links to substantiate that I.e. the Christ Letters.
The primitive, apeish-way in which these two users came at me today should never be condoned by this sub, or any human looking to polarise positively. I was not injecting poisonous material or claiming to be the author of the material; I expressly said the sub was quiet yesterday and I was lodging in those two pieces for disucussion. Being haranguef by U/IRaBN was both unacceptable and imbecile.
The fundamental principles to consider in an OP is whether (a) the material is in line with the broad goals of the sub and (b) whether it can help other selves advance towards light or progression in their chosen path, with no credit sought for whatever is accomplished so long a subscriber stops to ponder the validity of veracity of the information propounded and it's relationship to TRM or LOO. Childishly going to town like U/IRaBN did today to prove the material is from a Q'uo channelling, from the Christ Letters or from some other source defeats the entire purpose of why we are here. We are not here to gain awards or accolades for original ideas. This is not Princeton in "A Beautiful Mind". We are here to socialise in matters relating to L/L Research like TRM or LOO or peripheral matters like the Hatonn Material or Q'uo Channellings. Attempting to humiliate and embarrass another user for not stating that the Post was a conglomeration of many materials drawn out of the brain including an exact ad verbatim, word for word recitation of a piece makes such subscriber look stupid given the goals of this sub. Even if I were credited or discredited with information I put out there, how does that spiritually help or not spiritually help persons who had never heard of such information and seriously pondered the implications on their lives, whilst on this side of the veil, and in the hereafter, when the physical incarnation is over. We need to grow up and act our ages. We are not in silly sororities or fraternities seeking to gain points over one another. That is not what those who seek to help others do. Should Jesus have failed to multiply the 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread because they were not his? Should he not have quoted Psalm 82, despite his disdain for Yahweh when he was accused of blasphemy and almost thrown over a cliff for claiming he was a Child of God (later amplified to say we all were).
We have little time before our incarnations cease and we move on. Those of us who seek victory do not really care whether it is secured by strategic teamwork between entities like whst this sub should aim towards i.e. helping in maximising harvest numbers or an own goal from the loyal opposition. Instead we spend time debating and arguing about material that is there to be either pondeted over, or to gelp. Should something be discarded because it is second-hand refererral? If something is put up for consideration or discussion, fused in with personal views or not, consider the merits of the item in your goal towards greater polarisation and spiritual growth. Don't get writer's elbow and worn out ligaments in your fingers typing and retyping snippets in Google to determine whether the info is original or not. Focus, dammit. Is this helpful for your soul? Does it nourish your spirits? Even if I claimef to more or less intelligent than anyone who has ever lived or anyone on this sib, of what use ir value is such useless claim? That's not how adult humans should behave i.e. the childish, immature gesticulating like some possessed marionette or deranged exorcist trying to disprove the originality of a non-descript piece of potentially helpful info, if not to you, to others in the 8,500 subscribers we have on this sub. Get your priorities straight. You work in a lab and if all your work is preceded by thesis, keep that at the back of your mind when you are on this because here we do not have time for Ra imitators using words like "Adonai" or "for your discernment", just to give a one word answer like "agreed". Unlike you who is here to glorify your being with detailed knowledge of spiritual matters, some of us are on this planet and this sub to both learn/teach and help other souls if we can (although both Ra and Q'uo advise that no entity can help another with its polarisation), and not to glorify ourselves. Get that part right. We are not here seeking to shine. We are here seeking fellowship. Got that?
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2021.10.18 18:05 Avantasian538 Unpopular Opinion:

Part II is better than Part I on every metric, including story. Yep, I said it.
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2021.10.18 18:05 Autumn_Fire 31463

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2021.10.18 18:05 Dannig178 Kylie Minogue

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2021.10.18 18:05 Far_Zookeepergame461 qui pour me hack un compte Messenger?

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2021.10.18 18:05 garryoakay Anyone tried buying a phone from bestbuy and got this message... My plan is unlimited everything

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2021.10.18 18:05 MilesLong4200 Bi friend tried to kiss me/crossed the line

Hey guys, need some advice
I am a straight male, but have literally nothing against other orientations.
Over the weekend I went put with some friends and we ended up doing some drinking.
One of the members of the group is bi. He also likes to do other drugs, and is just generally an odd guy.
At the end of the night everyone was drunk/high back at the house and listening to music. I was getting ready to go to sleep on the couch per usual. Most people had gone to bed and bi guy tried to kiss me. I pushed him away and he tried again. I shoved him off and started to walk away and he grabbed my pants to pull me back. Like grabbed the top of my pants, so his fingers were within my pants. I freaked out and threatened to hit him, and he looked scared and shocked.
I went to sleep on another couch, and he came over and tried to kick me out of the house. A small argument ensued and he ended up leaving me alone. I left once the sun came up back to my house.
I feel super strange. Like I can't get over it. I told my close friend who lives at the house about it all, and he agrees it was fucked up. I just feel so weird even days later and I don't know if I want to go back but it sucks because my best bud lives there.
Any advice? Should I pretend like it never happened? Should I ever go stay on the couch again? I don't like driving drunk at all.
What a shitty situation. Let me know your thoughts.
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2021.10.18 18:05 Casey_______________ rule

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2021.10.18 18:05 Natanieluz Rzeczniczka Ziobry wybrana do zarządu Stowarzyszenia Dziennikarzy Polskich

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2021.10.18 18:05 Felix0716 Help please!

I make music and I recently got a new laptop. I need to transfer all my files to my new laptop and get saved in the same location as they were in the previous laptop. so that, my software can recognize where the audio files are located and open as it would on my old laptop instead of me trying to find where they are located and replace them.
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2021.10.18 18:05 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Local] - Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh names new president and CEO | Pgh Post-Gazette

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2021.10.18 18:05 CmdPowershell Localization Component - not updating

Hi All
We have Office 365 Pro Plus client on Monthly Enterprise Channel, everything is being updated however Data Warehouse is still reporting very old versions for each client, I believe this may be related to a single component showing in Discovered Apps in Intune
Office 16 Click-to-Run Extensibility Component
Office 16 Click-to-Run Extensibility Component 64-bit Registration
Office 16 Click-to-Run Licensing Component
Office 16 Click-to-Run Localization Component

The bold highlighted component above doesn't seem to get updated with the rest of the client, it comes with the inital install but then doesn't go up a version, anyone else experiencing this?
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2021.10.18 18:05 Ok-Feature6332 Bradie Tennell has WD from Skate America, Starr Andrews in

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2021.10.18 18:05 uscmarine [WTB] Bobro Ratcheting m lok qd scout flashlight mount (CA)

Bobro Ratcheting m lok qd scout flashlight mount
$85 more than retail
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2021.10.18 18:05 FreshTomatoMan Just Batman and Robin vibing [short meme]

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2021.10.18 18:05 CosmicStewRPG The Evergold Campground - [38 x 42]

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2021.10.18 18:05 ReadWriteHexecute What do y’all think?

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2021.10.18 18:05 supersleeper454 Christmas is uncancelled! Fauci says vaccinated Americans CAN enjoy the holidays 'the way we've traditionally done it all along' just two weeks after saying 'it was too soon to tell' if people could gather for Thanksgiving

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2021.10.18 18:05 Kellashnikov Where do you all put your registration number?

I'm getting an air 2 and wondering where everyone else puts their registration numbers? Also what do you use? Permanent marker? Label maker? I want it to look professional
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