Lord of the Rings is overrated garbage.

2021.10.18 19:55 coolcl34 Lord of the Rings is overrated garbage.

FYI, I'm talking about the films here, I've never read the books (because frankly, I can't get past all the clunky exposition and slow pacing!)
First of all, the films are all far too long, three films with 3+ hours each to them?! It's absolutely ridiculous that anyone would have thought they needed so long to tell such a simple story. Let's face it, the plot could easily have been told over one hour and a half film, the books were slow-paced and dull, trimming the fat for a film would have been a good idea. However, because a bunch of greedy corporate people wanted to milk as much money from the story as possible, we got three tedious films. There was so much that could have been cut, streamlined, or otherwise changed to make things more palatable, it's a crime that none of it was.
Secondly... well... it's a little bit racist, isn't it? Almost all of the good 'heroic' characters are white, the only people of colour in the film are playing Uruk-Hai, and the evil men who side with Sauron, who are given a lot of 'evil Easterner' stereotypes! It's kind of disgusting that a modern movie was able to get away with this. I know that the original books were written by a racist in the '40s, but again, a lot could have been changed or cut to fit a modern film. It would also have been easy to recast some of the protagonists as people of colour. There's also the lack of strong female characters, I know they tried to rectify this a bit, but frankly, it wasn't enough, almost all of the important stuff is still done by men, the women are given the most simple, limited characterisation possible.
Thirdly, the dialogue is just... bad... I don't think I've seen a mainstream movie with more clunky dialogue outside of something written by George Lucas. In this day and age, when we have writing in mainstream movies from people like Joss Whedon, James Gunn, or Shane Black, it's frankly unacceptable.
Fourthly, the villains are all useless incompetents, Sauron gets effortlessly beaten in a very stupid way at the very beginning of the first movie, and yet we're supposed to buy him as a threat?! Saruman isn't much better, all he does is stand about in his tower saying ominous things, then he either disappears from the narrative, or gets stabbed by his toady sidekick, depending on which version of the third movie you see! The Orcs are also portrayed as stupid and incompetent (with cockney accents... nice, considering that all of the main characters have posh English accents!) They also have no real motive besides being 'EEEEVIIILLL' which makes the whole conflict feel totally cartoonish and devoid of reality.
Fifthly, Frodo is the most useless main character of all time, he does nothing useful throughout all three of the films, does nothing but whine, and lets everyone around him do everything for him. For a main character, it's just bad writing for him to be so worthless and ineffective. I know he's meant to be weighed down by the ring, but, well...
Sixthly: The Ring itself is a totally unconvincing plot device, the films attempt to make us believe that Sauron could conquer the world with it, and yet we see evidence of this whatsoever, unless Sauron being invisible will somehow help him! As such, the plot feels weightless, with no real stakes. Not helping matters is the aforementioned incompetence of the villains.
All of this makes the trilogy impossible for me to enjoy. I feel like a lot of people who like it only like it because they saw it as kids and have nostalgia for it. I know it got good reviews, but it's important to keep in mind that a lot of the critics who praised it were probably read the original books as kids, or they may have read it themselves as teenagers, meaning they already had some affection for the story. It's notable that the books were critically panned and ignored when they first came out, meaning that the one time they were presented to an audience without nostalgia, they bombed. As time went on however, I feel that people gradually started reading them as youths (along with The Hobbit, which is a bit better as a story) more and more, and began to overrate it as a result, starting the cycle that lead to the films being critically liked and praised by so many people. That's just my theory.
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2021.10.18 19:55 G48R13L Want to give life to this community?

Hey there. Clearly this subreddit has been dead from the start. I never had any plans on making anything of this, but I can see that people have tried to post. I’ve enabled posting without approval now and hopefully someone will contribute their favorite cars and give this community life. If anyone wants to become a mod and take it over from me, I’m open to it.
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2021.10.18 19:55 zerton What was is like to cross the Atlantic in the latter half of the 18th century? Do we have any figures as to the danger involved / percent of people who never made it across? Level of comfort one could expect even if they were a wealthy, important person?

I was watching a series about life in the American colonies that covered the 1760s to 1790s and one of the most important people in the colonies/new nation has to cross the sea to France during wartime. It looked very uncomfortable.
I was wondering how many people didn't make it across, especially during times of peace. Was it considered very risky?
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2021.10.18 19:55 Behindthestreets My (INTP) best friend (INFP) are opposites

In the sense that she tends to have more INTP reactions than INFP and vise versa with me.
So I’ve known her for 7 years and we’ve been best friends for 4. She’s the closest friend I have and the only one I’m entirely vulnerable with. But despite that, I am the more emotional meaningful one while she’s the “don’t show how much I truly care” one. Our relationship dynamic always seems like she’s the INTP one while I’m the INFP (and trust me I’ve checked many times…..still not convinced, especially not around her)
I know that INTP and INFP have so much in common that they sometimes get confused with one another but is it weird for me who is more logical to be emotionally invested in this type of way, and for her who is more the considerate one to be averted to being vulnerable? I’m curious
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Hi selling some manga for a friend who doesn't use reddit. Both are G4 in pristine condition except for 2 marks
Haganai I Don't Have Many Friends
Vol 2: $75/€60
Vol 10: $110/€100
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2021.10.18 19:55 Utku-Han-4486 PFJP MP Utku Yılmaz talks about John

  1. Reporter: How do you interpret how John left your party and joined the rival party, the NFP. Utku: It was his decision, personally, I don't think he had an Opinion, it's not a nice move for him to leave our party and move to the rival party because he wasn't nominated by our party in the candidate elections he wanted. Reporter: I don't think John was angry that you supported Arslan, who stood out for defending the Free Market, not Social Democratic Inacio, even though you are a Socialist within the Party, and that surprised most party members, can I ask you this question? Utku: I think I made the right decision for my party, I think our ideals should not get in the way of the right thing. Reporter: Well, at one point, when you had a plan to meet with the Young Sords, he was the one who opposed it the most, and he considered them Radical Nazis. Utku: He is now on the same roof as those radicals and he was the most opposed to the NFP, but we will still win the election. Reporter: Ok thank you for answering our questions. (düzenlendi)
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