just a lil progress from a random area :>

2021.12.06 21:38 cinnabonnnn just a lil progress from a random area :>

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2021.12.06 21:38 es35 [USA-CA] [H] NFC Skyreach 4 Mini Case, HDPlex 400W Combo, 3.84TB Micron 5300 2.5" SSD [W] PayPal, Local Cash

Hello hardwareswap! I'm looking to offload some things I have laying around that I no longer use. Priority is local, then shipped w/ confirmed trades. Local 95616

Item Description Price
Skyreach 4 Mini ITX Case Nifty little case that holds my small components very well. Includes case feet. $225 shipped.
HDPlex 400W Combo HDPLEX 400W AC-DC + HDPLEX 400W HiFi DC-ATX. Includes braided power cord. $225 shipped.
Micron 5300 3.84TB SSD Nearly 4Tb SSD that has barely been used. 6Gb/s. Check timestamps for CDI $350 shipped.
Please comment before pm'ing. Let me know if you have offers/questions!
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2021.12.06 21:38 actuallymulan Devin Nunes to Quit House, Take Over Trump's Media Company - The New York Times

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2021.12.06 21:38 DolceDel The person I thought I was going to spend my life with basically cheated on me

I'm definitely gonna delete this but I just needed to vent. I say basically because it isn't my place to say what happened. I respect people's privacy.
And now, a month later, I'm expected to just forget and forgive him. To say I love you back. To?? what?? act like it never happened????? Just because he did it during a breakdown?? Yea, I understand. I've done stupid shit during a breakdown too but id never even Think about doing that. I can't even say anything. I'm just expected to suck it up. And I can't say anything because his mental state is super fucked up too! We're just two fucked up peas in a pod.
I know it's all my fault after everything is said and done. I'm the one who can't provide, im the one who's been emotionally distant, I'm the mentally unstable one who can't deal with anything. I literally made (and deleted) a post a few days before he did this pouring put my heart and soul about how he was the one and one day we were going to get married. And now im just. I dont know. Upset. Everything in my life is going downhill and I don't know what to do anymore.
submitted by DolceDel to Vent [link] [comments]

2021.12.06 21:38 Melodic-Advantage-25 How do you get rid/lessen of dark circles?

I've always had dark circles especially when i was in college. But now that im working, it sometimes make me insecure about my appearance. I've already tried a bunch of stuff, like serum, eye mask, eye roller, cream, etc., but somehow arent effective. I'd appreciate any replies. :))
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2021.12.06 21:38 duffusliam Do you have a driver's license?

View Poll
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2021.12.06 21:38 Responsible-Ad6104 Alguém pra bater uma pra minha amiguinha japonesa? Disc jp23#6214 telegram jp171918

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2021.12.06 21:38 Woolee123 What should I name this

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Period: 617.12 days

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Top Submitters' Top Submissions
  1. 17384 points, 29 submissions: loudchoice
    1. Breathing? BTS did it first. :/ (1369 points, 293 comments)
    2. Your 30th birthday: According to kpop stans (1188 points, 122 comments)
    3. kpopthoughts needs to relax the post guidelines a bit (962 points, 178 comments)
    4. Vlive shutting down is my joker origin story (923 points, 246 comments)
    5. I think I would commit actual crimes if I was a kpop stylist (845 points, 72 comments)
    6. I dont think enough people are concerned about the blatant sexual harassment matthew (kard) recieves. (810 points, 37 comments)
    7. Stop stealing photocards from target (757 points, 49 comments)
    8. Stop camping in the lives of idols/groups you hate? (722 points, 85 comments)
    9. Woojin, being accused of assault isnt an aesthetic (701 points, 194 comments)
    10. Yes we get it, every award should go to someone else (599 points, 44 comments)
  2. 4972 points, 10 submissions: NarglesChaserRaven
    1. Telling people it's their fault that they have high expectations from artists just feels like we are getting blamed for being fans and wanting something good. (590 points, 39 comments)
    2. Kpop fans here in reddit have such an unhealthy obsession of assuming the absolute worst of any 'scandal' and Idol and they even go the extra mile to speculate and make it even worse. (562 points, 104 comments)
    3. If people stopped acting like Big3 groups are all rich spoiled kids who are spoon fed everything and don't deserve their success, I don't think fans will have any problem accepting the privilege these groups have. (532 points, 88 comments)
    4. K-fans are the backbones of all K-pop fandoms and we need to stop ostracizing them and start respecting the fact that K-pop won't be here if it weren't for them. (526 points, 42 comments)
    5. Not Kpop stans talking about racism that Asian communities are facing while at the same time acting like their culture and they are superior at every chance they get to just defend their favs and interests. (500 points, 42 comments)
    6. Just because you had a falling out from the group's music doesn't give you the right to make sweeping statements about the group and their music without any real weight to it but your own feelings. (482 points, 56 comments)
    7. Let's be honest with ourselves, this whole "Live" singing conversation is sooo prominent in k-pop not because MOST fans care about live singing but it's to drag groups down. (469 points, 66 comments)
    8. The way k-pop fans come at casual listeners is honestly frustrating (455 points, 26 comments)
    9. Can we all agree Koreaboo needs to burn in hell (452 points, 45 comments)
    10. In light of soo many bullying scandals I want to talk about another kind of bullying that gets swept under the rug in K-pop industry - Online bullying by K-pop Fans (404 points, 28 comments)
  3. 4817 points, 9 submissions: MSkyDragons
    1. The Definitive Guide to Misused Words by Kpop Dummies 101 (827 points, 101 comments)
    2. Kpop fans don't know what it's like to truly flop/fail and it shows (657 points, 51 comments)
    3. If I'm a hag, so are your oppas and unnies (648 points, 98 comments)
    4. FUCK YOU TSHIT ENTERTAINMENT (502 points, 24 comments)
    5. As a SEAsian, it's depressing to see how SEA fans are viewed (499 points, 102 comments)
    6. Don't feel embarrassed about liking Kpop! (472 points, 60 comments)
    7. Just because you're young doesn't mean you're safe from criticism (438 points, 40 comments)
    8. Can we please remove the notion that growing to like a song = forcing yourself to like a song/lying about it? (410 points, 49 comments)
    9. Why are K-pop songs so high pitched? (364 points, 94 comments)
  4. 4192 points, 7 submissions: Rude_Lifeguard
    1. Fck Seungri, Fck G-dragon and F*ck ot5 stans (1349 points, 2 comments)
    2. The new found love for Fu Yaning proves that kpop fans dont give a fuck about racism and only use it as a weapong against idols they dont like (548 points, 1 comment)
    3. @iStays: congratulations, you played yourselves (504 points, 74 comments)
    4. "Can you do better than them?" and "Are you a professional" are the stupidest comeback to criticism (500 points, 34 comments)
    5. Stop buying albums in bulk just to them "donate them" (493 points, 81 comments)
    6. What is it about Twice that makes y'all go crazy (444 points, 50 comments)
    7. Your fave wouldnt have made it even if Bahiyyih didnt exist (354 points, 81 comments)
  5. 3905 points, 7 submissions: archfeybaby
    1. I'm kind of tired of how far people take the "your idols are different off-camera" narrative (675 points, 38 comments)
    2. "It's really difficult to impress me, a random person on the Internet, but this group-" (640 points, 57 comments)
    3. You can praise an idol without treating them like the second coming of Christ. (625 points, 59 comments)
    4. Constant rants about the same 3 fandoms do nothing to make this subreddit a welcoming place. (524 points, 112 comments)
    5. B.A.P's Himchan has been brought to justice and, as a hardcore BABY, I'm relieved and happy. (521 points, 50 comments)
    6. Stop recommending just Dreamcatcher for metal fans to get into K-Pop. (486 points, 51 comments)
    7. A rant about what B.A.P Yongguk's documentary revealed, because I hate TS Entertainment (434 points, 19 comments)
  6. 3595 points, 7 submissions: StillLightUpTheHanul
    1. Even if I-fans were provided with the most accurate subtitles, they still wouldn’t understand the situation. (615 points, 127 comments)
    2. Jay Park is the true definition of Hypocrisy. (597 points, 222 comments)
    3. Saying that Snowdrop is Jisoo’s first drama and that she worked hard on it won’t change shit! (567 points, 56 comments)
    4. I guess it is okay for me to say I hate the majority of international fans. (508 points, 95 comments)
    5. Stannig girl groups doesn’t mean you are a Feminist. (450 points, 86 comments)
    6. K-BUZZ (channel) Need To Be Taken Down. (441 points, 41 comments)
    7. Jungkook is not an accessory for your fetishes. (417 points, 63 comments)
  7. 3436 points, 7 submissions: fatima_mdx
    1. It’s so ironic that some stans call 25+ fans old but then go “uwu baby” at their Idol who’s reaching 30 (666 points, 137 comments)
    2. If you cancel/hate on groups like OMG and Mamamoo for CA but still support/listen to problematic western artists like Katy Perry, Selena Gomez, Chris Brown, Nicki Minaj etc, you’re a whole joke (546 points, 138 comments)
    3. I hope that everyone defending Irene gets bullied by their faves (then see how quickly they’ll cry for cancelling) (509 points, 104 comments)
    4. Where did the whole “all female BH employees must be married” lie come from?? (508 points, 74 comments)
    5. Blackpink leaving YGE would ruin their career so I hope people can stop suggesting it (447 points, 53 comments)
    6. Don’t encourage delusional and obsessed Kpop fans to audition please (389 points, 52 comments)
    7. I wish more fans understood that “but so many people in the industry have said good things about him” doesn’t mean shit (371 points, 21 comments)
  8. 3406 points, 6 submissions: fleurryya
    1. an idol isn’t a ‘lgbtq icon’ just because they held a rainbow flag (686 points, 92 comments)
    2. it’s not our responsibility to protect idols (628 points, 27 comments)
    3. i hate when foreign fans try to apply their cultural norms to Korea (550 points, 89 comments)
    4. most idols aren’t millionares (534 points, 120 comments)
    5. stop telling every good-looking east-asian person to be an idol (518 points, 43 comments)
    6. you don’t owe anything to idols (490 points, 20 comments)
  9. 3280 points, 6 submissions: Amper_bam
    1. Please tell us what fcking happened if you want to talk about what fcking happened (705 points, 50 comments)
    2. The fact that Kpop fans are scared of Kpop fans should help you understand why non-Kpop listeners don’t like us (612 points, 39 comments)
    3. You can’t get mad at people for not wanting to be your friend if Kpop is your entire personality (561 points, 59 comments)
    4. An idol being stressed by their job doesn’t always equal mistreatment (515 points, 41 comments)
    5. Stop saying a song aged well when it was released less than a year ago (472 points, 24 comments)
    6. Lisa is not fluent in English (yet), and I wish fans would stop spreading this idea (415 points, 79 comments)
  10. 3198 points, 6 submissions: Contentious_Student
    1. I have completely lost my respect for G-Friend (688 points, 514 comments)
    2. It is time to talk about how JYP keeps sexualizing/debuting minors (629 points, 93 comments)
    3. Jennie is currently being disgustingly slut-shamed (618 points, 56 comments)
    4. Fans are seriously embarrassing (489 points, 115 comments)
    5. K-Pop stans always want idols to gain freedom until they actually do... (388 points, 54 comments)
    6. K-Pop stans need to start understanding the concept of privacy (386 points, 36 comments)
Top Commenters
  1. GrillMaster3 (9170 points, 323 comments)
  2. loudchoice (9037 points, 236 comments)
  3. nctzenhours (8908 points, 135 comments)
  4. MSkyDragons (8150 points, 213 comments)
  5. hehehehehbe (6769 points, 301 comments)
  6. Shippinglordishere (6406 points, 157 comments)
  7. justcrewsing (5965 points, 151 comments)
  8. JaeRedFox (5684 points, 218 comments)
  9. IWantFries21 (5634 points, 310 comments)
  10. Liiisi (5622 points, 160 comments)
Top Submissions
  1. Lucas' scandal made me realise that most fans are only feminists when it's convenient to them. by crystalfaethers (1425 points, 114 comments)
  2. Breathing? BTS did it first. :/ by loudchoice (1369 points, 293 comments)
  3. Fck Seungri, Fck G-dragon and F*ck ot5 stans by Rude_Lifeguard (1349 points, 2 comments)
  4. It is perfectly reasonable to ask HYBE, a billion-dollar company, to provide at the very least English translations for all BTS content. What isn't reasonable is asking fans to spend years of hard work learning a new language, just to understand BTS. by tetratopZ (1326 points, 146 comments)
  5. I hope this NFT deal ends up slapping Hybe in the face by cjay1796 (1323 points, 418 comments)
  6. Dear ARMYs who attacked D'angelo Wallace: please shut the hell up. by insomnoid (1303 points, 300 comments)
  7. Kpop Fans, please stop attacking journalists and reporters for saying "Former EXO member Kris Wu" because, quite frankly, it's the truth by NessieSenpai (1263 points, 139 comments)
  8. Your 30th birthday: According to kpop stans by loudchoice (1188 points, 122 comments)
  9. I'm sorry but some of y'all need to leave BTS alone. by lovely-me-now (1166 points, 162 comments)
  10. Some of you have never had a job and it shows by kurtymurty (1149 points, 123 comments)
Top Comments
  1. 737 points: sneedsmemesanddreams's comment in Breathing? BTS did it first. :/
  2. 587 points: coffever's comment in HYBE's marketing tactics are becoming obnoxious.
  3. 524 points: Manggaeddeok13's comment in Bp now seem less interested in being blackpink
  4. 511 points: birdtweetslover1991's comment in Idol's should still take responsibility for the advice they give even if they aren't your parents
  5. 509 points: KimMaRi1215's comment in YG can atleast try to be more creative when it comes to naming albums.
  6. 501 points: darksister09's comment in People being mad about Chris Martin singing in Korean are pathetic af
  7. 499 points: grace22g's comment in BLACKPINK's Jennie posing with Grimes in front of SpaceX after Jeff Bezos's trip to space is a huge yuck
  8. 476 points: Ok-Stranger-7649's comment in Idols have more free time than you think
  9. 463 points: uncreative_name7's comment in This ITZY comeback should serve as a rude awakening that you can’t force your way into the west
  10. 461 points: cjay1796's comment in The reaction when idols come to the U.S is weird
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2021.12.06 21:38 RegalEagle_ blown circuit question

Hi all, I'm not electric savvy at all so please bear with me. I'm living in an addition to someone's home and they are gone for a few days. Of course, a circuit blew this morning and I have not had power to half of the place all day. (Landlord is an old man and refuses to give me his cell #...ugh).
I've reset power outlets that are able to do so, have checked the circuit box in the basement, but no solution found. All the switches are set to "on" and there are no switches that appear tripped. Because this is an addition, I'm wondering if there is a separate breaker box somewhere in the house, but I have looked through their portion of the home and there is none to be found. Is it possible that this addition was built without its own breaker box? I mean, I had shower issues and there's no water shut off in my portion of the home so I'm not doubting it at this point. Any seasoned electricians and troubleshooters let me know if you have any ideas. Thanks
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2021.12.06 21:38 autobuzzfeedbot The Bachelorette: 10 Messiest And Most Disastrous Group Dates

  1. Desiree Hartsock's Rap Video
  2. Emily Johnson's "Brave" Games
  3. Michelle Young's Farm Date
  4. Ashley Hebert's Roast
  5. Rachel Lindsay's Mud Wrestling Date
  6. JoJo Fletcher's Firefighting Date
  7. Rachel Lindsay's Spelling Bee
  8. Becca Kufrin's Football Date
  9. Kaitlyn Bristowe’s Mock Wake
  10. Clare Crawley's Cocktail Party
Link to article
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2021.12.06 21:38 Homosexual_Lynx Nfts but free.Disclaimer:i do not support nfts

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2021.12.06 21:38 Spiritisabone Five Fun AI Copilot Tricks Anyone Can Try in Python

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2021.12.06 21:38 myheronogo Some more Manga-Popups

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2021.12.06 21:38 CatsAllDayErDay Set your timer for Devin's impending prison sentence for being CEO of a Trump company.

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2021.12.06 21:38 court0fpettysessions Zach

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2021.12.06 21:38 JibbledMan That's Probably not Milk - Deltarune Playthrough Chapter 1 Part 2

That's Probably not Milk - Deltarune Playthrough Chapter 1 Part 2 submitted by JibbledMan to Youtubeviews [link] [comments]

2021.12.06 21:38 Whitefox559 Mega steelix

614877307164 or 601067150901
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2021.12.06 21:38 MarbleWitch16 Hey, I'm following the trend.

Hey, I'm following the trend. submitted by MarbleWitch16 to teenagers [link] [comments]

2021.12.06 21:38 Darkshadows7957 Me all day

Me all day submitted by Darkshadows7957 to meme [link] [comments]

2021.12.06 21:38 fersassali TADPOLE

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2021.12.06 21:38 idkasklater Dealing with a breakup

I’m coming to the conclusion that people don’t have adverse reactions to break ups? My ex and I recently broke up and we live together. She just carries on like no significant change has happened. Magically overnight she went from romantic to platonic as if flipping a switch. How can I do this, or at least cope with the fact that her doing it is making me feel like a crazy person.
submitted by idkasklater to Advice [link] [comments]

2021.12.06 21:38 Sun_god25 A life behind the line!

A life behind the line! Having given away a better part of 13 years to the uncontested commandments and automated responses of ‘oui chef’, to what most people would look at in a horrific shock. I don’t think I could have asked for more – the Lifelong friendships, good laughs, riding the grind in the transitional world behind the line. Its pensive to think that the everlasting glory of CHEF is starting to fade away into the ether as the turmoil of the post COVID world continue to leave chefs, caterers, restaurant operators, hospitality workers stricken with very little help. With an Aim to tilt the scales in the favor of overburdened champions holding the line. Cheforama aims to : 👉🏻bring Blockchain technology and implement intuitive Regenerative farming techniques in micro farms while using AI to regulate big data, 👉🏻proof of work-based block verified hiring daaps to resolve the hiring verifications and reduce hiring timelines. 👉🏻 Create Social and multimedia partnerships like FREE NFT marketplace to for all chef/restaurants/ operators to use so they can provide an USP and help provide a web 3.0 experience to their customers, 👉🏻payment integration 👉🏻Rewards program 👉🏻community hubs 👉🏻educational institution partnerships, where the community can use the currency $CHEF at a variety of platforms and reap the benefits of a decentralized Ecosystem.
Our dreams are big, and commitment is strong! maybe we’ll make it or maybe we won’t, but we surely will TRY. So, give us a look, read, like, ask a question or join! The Cheforama , has officially launched its RnD initiative, and we look forward to hearing your opinion and know the kind of #change you want to bring. please visit the website and sign up online or learn more on how to join the community and grow! Cheers
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