SQL query about VIEW and based on inner-joints. Could please help

2021.12.06 21:15 Musk_Long SQL query about VIEW and based on inner-joints. Could please help

SQL query about VIEW and based on inner-joints. Could please help
Using the above ERD/Schema, write an SQL query, based on inner-joints, to CREATE A VIEW “plumbingtotalhours” having the following:
Total hours worked for each project in the plumbing department, for those projects totalling at least 55 hours worked. Include the project name (project), the total hours (totalhours).
I wrote this code. And I am stuck and uncertain. Could please help check if I answer the question?
Create view plumbingtotalhours as
Select pname “project”, sum(hours) "totalhours"
from project p join works_on wo
group by pname
having sum(totalhours) > = 55;
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2021.12.06 21:15 mycologicill I am appaled at the baseless claims within this article, these are exactly the kind of words that aim to demonize Cacti! The fucking stupidity of this is far beyond me

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2021.12.06 21:15 The_danni A new video is out! I worked hard on the sheet music for this video, I hope you can spare some time to check it out!

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2021.12.06 21:15 abbysredditt add my snap - abbys780

add my snap :)
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2021.12.06 21:15 Zeddblidd 2021-556

Back to the Future (1985) - MAP: 96.09/100
IMDb / Wikipedia / My Collection
A 17-year old high school student is accidentally transported back to the 50s in a sports car time machine. While he’s in the process of getting his bearings, his misadventure disrupts his parents meeting, creating an alternate timeline - one in which he won’t exist. The original film in the series and the highest grossing movie of 1985.
Watching the movies in reverse order wound up being a strange back to the past experience for me. It jumbled up the stories’ timeline which was uncomfortable and disorienting but as I’m sitting here at the end of the film, I have to admit I had fun watching it this way. Somehow it helped me project into this movie in a new, unique way. While I watched the other two films, I was sitting in anticipation of this one. As the scenes rolled by in this one, I couldn’t help but think about the future and past as dictated by the other two movies. I reminisced about the 2015 Hill Valley (the one with flying cars and a wall-sized television), the various incarnations of the bully Biff, the ever persistent positive nature of Doc Brown who proved such a great friend and mentor. He never talked down to Marty or discounted his thoughts because of his age - I liked that.
I’m a little emotional about this particular film - I’ve always been “future-crazy” and the thought that Marty could get a preview of his future was envy provoking for true. If, in 1985, I had written down what I thought my life would be like 30 years in the future, I wouldn’t have been able to guess - could any of us? The prospects of going back in time to seeing who my parents were as teenagers, I don’t know - it was fun to watch that play out on screen but I’m not sure it would have been as much fun in real life. Would you want to meet your parents under those circumstances? I’m thinking no good could come of it.
We’re making decent enough strides here in the last month of our cinematic journey. I gotta keep the pressure on myself to keep going - those last films aren’t going to watch themselves. I’ll have a good laugh if I fall short of the 600 goal - guess I should just throw the next movie on and then one more if I can fit it in. By the way, the Average MAP for this 3-film series is an impressive 87.01 - not to shabby.
Side note - I bet you’re sitting around thinking you wish they still made DeLoreans - who wouldn’t want one of the gull-winged beauties, right? Well, I’ve got great news - there’s a company right here, just North of Houston that only deals in DeLoreans - DeLorean Motor Company (DMC) - no joke, it’s all they handle, the cars, the rebuilds, the upgrades. Word to the wise though, when you call - despite their address being in Humble, Texas, it’s actually pronounced Um-bull - the “H” is silent. I wouldn’t want to have you sounding like an out-of-town rube.
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2021.12.06 21:15 Available_Pie_3623 CPCF MEDIA And SOCIETY

Hey I was wondering if theirs a GC and/or discord for CPCF 1F25 Media And Society?
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2021.12.06 21:15 ThatBluePhoenix_ Lake. That I drew.

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2021.12.06 21:15 Advanced_Tax_8030 🎅🎅🎅🎁🎁🎁 5490 6052 2985

🎅🎅🎅🎁🎁🎁 5490 6052 2985
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2021.12.06 21:15 eventualforever How do people dress at the GS SLC office?

Guess this might be dependent on the division/team, but would be great if anyone could offer some insight into how formally people in their division and in common areas (e.g. lobby, elevator) are dressed. Will be working in that office soon. (My superday was over Zoom and everyone I interviewed with was dressed very casually, including the VPs!)
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2021.12.06 21:15 Sunriseninja Sour Cherry and Walnut Stollen

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2021.12.06 21:15 morgy_choder How to be good at investing in crypto?

I can see it crashing right now, is there any way to properly predict when it’s done or is the unpredictability just an inevitable part of crypto? Only 20 and invested for the first time less than a month ago, just wondering if there’s more to this than meets the eye or if watching for when red becomes green for more than a day is all there is I can do without dedicating my life to it. Thanks to anyone who can help me out!!
Side note - I’m not investing a meaningful amount right now (50 or less) so the goal is small time gain over 6 months to a year.
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2021.12.06 21:15 Creoltep81 Mango Bahamian goat pepper hot sauce

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2021.12.06 21:15 ZoolShop Donald Trump's new social media venture hits obstacle

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2021.12.06 21:15 RavenousFox1985 Yeah

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2021.12.06 21:15 southernsardine Really curious. Do you think that Robyn's kids will become polygamist?

I think a few of them will.
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2021.12.06 21:15 CHGinge How do I get Bones Hyland?

In the season 3 rewards I’ve seen there’s an emerald Bones Hyland - how do I/can I get him? I haven’t seen him anywhere and I’m a bit lost tbh
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2021.12.06 21:15 aks304 If at high altitudes, only oxygen content was decreasing, not all the air, would climbing mountains be more dangerous?

In mountains, kilometers above sea level, air pressure is much less, and the main hazard is lack of O_2. People inhale the same air (78% N_2, 21% O_2, 1% Ar) but the organism is stressed to get enough O_2 and use it more effectively. But what would happen if only oxygen content was decreasing but the rest of air is unchanged and had the same pressure. For example, at the top of Everest it would be something like this: (92% N_2, 7% O_2, 1% Ar)? Would humans deal with it or it would require external oxygen already after some 3km high? Other effects, (such as infinitely thick atmosphere, air mixing, water boiling temp etc.) are ignored.
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2021.12.06 21:15 Nuje_1 Pokemon Platinum - DS

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2021.12.06 21:15 -Z-3-R-0- Modern rap > old rap

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2021.12.06 21:15 Aypaza Where can i find this?

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2021.12.06 21:15 RickyOzzy It's all the same...

It's all the same...
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2021.12.06 21:15 nickportaors What is the source of the word "NORDESTE"?

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2021.12.06 21:15 ibruh101 If you could live in any country in any year of human civilisation, what year/century would you pick and why?

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2021.12.06 21:15 Abdul-Ahmadinejad “Haven’t you guys read Pet Sematary?”

Look I grew up on the original Lost In Space TV series and loved it, because I was a kid and sci-fi camp was what TV offered back then lol. I tolerated the movie because I really hoped an updated “serious” version in the late nineties would be good... and of course was disappointed. Foolish me I went into the Netflix series with high hopes. Season 1 was “new” and adequate, but let’s face it Season 2 was just bad. I’m just not going to be able to get through Season 3. The writing is awful and the acting is terrible. I’ve tried to forgive the actors because look what they have to work with, but... “Haven’t you guys read Pet Sematary?” has finally sent me over the edge. There is no hope. I’m out. Maybe I’ll see you guys in another decade or two when someone else tackles this material seriously, but I think I’ll be dead first. Mourn me!
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2021.12.06 21:15 This_charmingMeow 24hr study spot on campus at ARCenter

If anyone needs a 24 study spot the ARCenter will be open 24 hours a day today-the 10th.
Good luck on finals y'all, we got this!
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