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Bean. She shows her affection with love bites lol

2022.01.18 23:04 beanz458 Bean. She shows her affection with love bites lol

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2022.01.18 23:04 prawnbiryani #unsplashcats #cute #adorable #kittens #cats #followformore

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2022.01.18 23:04 BellJar_Blues Won’t “let” me go back to school

I was talking to my fiancé about meditation and this video I was watching and how I found it relatable (I was offering up this information and story he didn’t ask how my day was or anything) and then he said “I told you I think you should go back to school”. Then I said “funny you mention it as I just signed up for continuing education courses”. He readjusted himself against the counter and crossed his arms and started projecting his voice very sternly asking why I didn’t tell him and ask him first , what my plan and goal is careers wise, how do I think I’m getting money as I just lost my job two days before Christmas and he said he’s not supporting me through schooling, what I think I’m going to learn, why I think I deserve to go back to school, what the purpose is, what the end goal is and if I plan on still getting married and specifically him. He then said it sounds aimless why I’m doing. I said it’s not I want to take these courses because I’m interested and I’m hoping learning will get me more aligned with what I’ve always wanted to do and meet people in the industry I can learn from. He then said it sounds like fluffy electives and they aren’t career focused such as a profession like a doctor or lawyer. He then said he thinks I’m a sugar baby on the side which I’m not but his previous “friend” was one (he cheated on me with her but she ended up no longer being his “friend” once we got engaged) and she was using the site “no sexually” to get her “investor” to pay for law school. After still talking (him yelling at me being negative and telling me to listen to him as it’s important I do) he said he doesn’t want me to go to school as he doesn’t want to take on my debt. I am realizing now he’s once again saying he won’t marry me because he thinks I’m potentially trying to get debt to make him pay? I’m confused. He said I need to have a career that will make it worth it going back to school or he won’t let me. How would one ever know this ? Isn’t schooling to learn and if you make money great! You can’t for tell the future and fear keeps us stuck not taking risk and we will never know. Additionally at the beginning of our conversation I explicitly said I’m applying to bursaries and scholarships and individual investor companies for education. And that’s when he insisted I’m sleeping around for “investors” and I go to another room to use my phone (I just lost my job so I’ve been applying to jobs as well as he kicks me out weekly so I’m looking at rentals and if he sees home doing this he smacks my phone out of my hands as he bought my phone and says he’s taking it away but I just don’t know why he’s kicking me out if he doesn’t want me out). He also brought up the wedding but he keeps saying it’s a waste of money. I don’t get why we are getting married then and he uses it as a way to make me feel guilty. We have tried to talk about marriage and what it means to each of us before and he gets explosive. Can someone please provide guidance on how to make sense of this? I don’t want to go from something super exciting and special to me to be something I convince myself isn’t worthwhile.
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2022.01.18 23:04 KinguKristoff Why does a peroxide group have a 2- charge?

Why does a peroxide/dioxide molecule have a 2- charge? They're 2 formally neutral oxygen atoms, so where do the extra electrons come from? Like, it's 16 protons and 16 neutrons, so why does it have a 2- charge?
Please, this has been bugging me all night and I haven't found a clear answer online yet.
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2022.01.18 23:04 Hall_of_fame_ 🧺

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2022.01.18 23:04 Harmony_in_Christ Do Christians need to give money to the poor?

The New Testament is full of examples of the importance of giving money to the poor and hungry, widows and orphans etc.
But this ignores the cultural context in which those verses were written. Back then there was no safety net or any kind of means of distributing income to support those individuals. Now in our modern societies at least in the West we have programs such as Social Security, unemployment insurance, EBT, etc. Obviously that's not the case everywhere, but in most developed countries it is.
It seems kind of weird to take commands to give to the poor that were written within a specific cultural and historical context and then apply them to the modern day.
I mean, we take other commands in the New Testament as being only within a specific cultural context - so why not the exhortations of Scripture to give to the poor.
What are your thoughts?
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2022.01.18 23:04 u_gh cak day

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2022.01.18 23:04 xskull2005 I drew Fubuki-chan in the pool

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2022.01.18 23:04 Sassy_Soap Clauses to limit communication

My partner's co-parent (more a counter-parent) sends a ridiculous volume of messages. After every visit she appears to grill their child, then sends endless lengthy messages criticizing every aspect of his parenting, me, etc. He's practically a saint and has mastered gray rock.
He had blocked the Nex on his phone and communicated with her solely through a parenting app. He didn't respond to the vast majority of what she said because it was generally not based in reality. However, a judge recently ordered him to unblock his phone but said it was to be used for emergencies only. Nex now texts 40-50 times a day and there has never been an emergency. She also bombards him in the app. She also follows him around as much as possible during his parenting time (e.g., school drop offs and pick ups) and second guesses his every action there. She always has some stupid excuse for being there like dropping off a book or something.
The judge ordered my partner to respond to all messages in the app within a certain time limit. He shields me from the details, but I estimated there are thousands of words written per day and messages are generally received all through the day.
I'm wondering if anyone has concrete terms that can be used in a court order such as
- limited number of messages per day
- limited length of messages
- bans on criticizing the other parent (there is already a non-disparagement clause)
- bans on showing up to the school during the other parent's time.
I welcome any other ideas. I'm also open to anyone who can provide any assurance that a judge will actually do something about this at the next court appearance.
FWIW, I co-parent 50-50 with a reasonably sane person and I understand the general amount of communication needed to parent with someone in another home.
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2022.01.18 23:04 Tamagotchi41 My mix of Lo Mein, House Fried Rice and General zhou chicken. I layer and mix it all together.

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2022.01.18 23:04 Letsgothrifty This light bulb is finally dying after 6 years of use

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2022.01.18 23:04 PossibleGuava5860 How much does shipping come out to? I price my items relatively cheap ex) $15. Depop takes a cut so it becomes 12. Then to pay for 8$ shipping on my own? It seems the seller isn’t winning for offering free shipping. Maybe I’m doing something wrong

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2022.01.18 23:04 idklol193 any advice is fine! i got rhinoplasty 6 months ago and recently dyed my hair dark. i feel as though my rhinoplasty made my chin appear longer. also i really want lip fillers i have no top lip lol i’m wearing a full face of makeup in these pics and have eyelash extensions. ty❤️❤️

any advice is fine! i got rhinoplasty 6 months ago and recently dyed my hair dark. i feel as though my rhinoplasty made my chin appear longer. also i really want lip fillers i have no top lip lol i’m wearing a full face of makeup in these pics and have eyelash extensions. ty❤️❤️ submitted by idklol193 to VindictaRateme [link] [comments]

2022.01.18 23:04 Dr_Does_Enough Wut.

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2022.01.18 23:04 trevortidus [WTS] Spare Kit Goodies! (TN)

Looking to sell off some pieces from a spare kit that’s just been collecting dust and cat hair!
Open to trading value for Spiritus Micro Fight setups (preferably Ranger green or coyote brown)
Defense Mechanisms MEPC in black with MOLLE backpanel (front and rear bags) - 100$
Defense Mechanisms Hybrid 3” cummerbund in Ranger Green - 60$
Spiritus Systems .556 Elastic placard in Ranger Green - 45$
Spiritus Systems low profile shoulder covers in Ranger Green - 8$
Coyote tactical Burrito pouch in Ranger green - 35$
Coyote tactical dump pouch in Ranger green - 15$
Trex Arms elastic tourniquet holder in Ranger Green - 8$
Trex Arms plate backer set - 20$
Agilite Invader level 3ST plates set - 400$
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2022.01.18 23:04 Next-Presentation329 SVE Load Failure - what is it?

Hi all, I'm trying to get SVE working and cannot for the life of my do so. I have the unofficial updates for PyTK and TMXLoader but I keep getting the below error:

[game] An error occurred in the base update loop: SContentLoadException: Error loading "Data/AdditionalLanguages": it isn't in the Content folder and no mod provided it. at StardewModdingAPI.Framework.ContentManagers.GameContentManager.RawLoad[T](String assetName, LanguageCode language, Boolean useCache) in SMAPI\Framework\ContentManagers\GameContentManager.cs:line 237 at StardewModdingAPI.Framework.ContentManagers.GameContentManager.<>c__DisplayClass10_0`1.b__0() in SMAPI\Framework\ContentManagers\GameContentManager.cs:line 106 at StardewModdingAPI.Framework.Utilities.ContextHash`1.Track[TResult](T key, Func`1 action) in SMAPI\Framework\Utilities\ContextHash.cs:line 53 at StardewModdingAPI.Framework.ContentManagers.GameContentManager.Load[T](String assetName, LanguageCode language, Boolean useCache) in SMAPI\Framework\ContentManagers\GameContentManager.cs:line 0 at StardewValley.StartupPreferences._SetLanguageFromCode(String language_code_string) in stardewvalley\Farmer\Farmer\StartupPreferences.cs:line 312 at StardewValley.StartupPreferences.loadPreferences(Boolean async, Boolean applyLanguage) in stardewvalley\Farmer\Farmer\StartupPreferences.cs:line 305 at StardewValley.Menus.TitleMenu.update(GameTime time) in stardewvalley\Farmer\Farmer\Menus\TitleMenu.cs:line 1641 at StardewValley.Game1.updateActiveMenu(GameTime gameTime) in stardewvalley\Farmer\Farmer\Game1.cs:line 5470 at StardewValley.Game1._update(GameTime gameTime) in stardewvalley\Farmer\Farmer\Game1.cs:line 4917 at StardewValley.Game1.Update(GameTime gameTime) in stardewvalley\Farmer\Farmer\Game1.cs:line 3974 at StardewModdingAPI.Framework.SCore.OnPlayerInstanceUpdating(SGame instance, GameTime gameTime, Action runUpdate) in SMAPI\Framework\SCore.cs:line 1003 
Any idea what's causing it? I'm sure it's something simple and stupid but I don't have the type of brain for this -_- It seems to be saying something about language - is it that a default language can't be found? If so how do I fix that?
I have no other mods active at the moment except what is required for SVE and Grandpa's Farm.
Please and thank you!
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2022.01.18 23:04 appbennett unable to play ai dungeon?

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2022.01.18 23:04 usefullguyforyou ¿Por que no tenemos amigos duraderos?

Tengo esa duda y quiero la opinión desde su punto de vista, ¿por que no logramos consolidar un grupo o individuo de amigos sólidos?
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2022.01.18 23:04 scarecr0w1886 *g note plays*

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2022.01.18 23:04 Melted_Marshmallow11 Had a strange dream of my former crush breaking my heart last night

I went to sleep listening to a meteorite frequency video on YouTube and I had a very painful vivid dream about my former crush.
They lied to me about being with another girl I had suspected them of. Turns out they were with her on the side and they kept stringing me along while denying it. In my dream I was crying profusely while I clutched at my heart which was hurting. I was swearing that I would never see them again for the betrayal. They were providing me half hearted apologies.
When I woke up, I felt miserable. What message could my subconscious be attempting to get across ? Was it an energy blockage that needed to be cleared ? The dream has effected my entire day, I felt the pangs of anguish in my heart all day so I’m not certain if it was an energy blockage purge from my subconscious.
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2022.01.18 23:04 ravl13 [LEGO US] 80011 Red Son Inferno Truck available at MSRP but $20 back with Honey

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2022.01.18 23:04 DudstownScarfie BlackCaps tour of Australia postponed due to Covid Related Border Issues

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2022.01.18 23:04 thehomebusybody Sick of Wegovy making me sick.

I’m going to start my rant by saying I’ve had very good results with Wegovy. Started at 168.5 pounds, down to 138 pounds in 8 weeks. I just took the first 1mg injection today. Did 4 weeks at 0.25mg and 4 weeks at 0.5mg and the side effects have lasted throughout, and they are just about to do me in. At this point, I can’t decide what is worse, the constant nausea, projectile vomitting, insane acid reflux, constant constipation or increased low moods.
I have prescription zofran for the nausea, which I have to take every 4 hours and sometimes that doesn’t even work. I wake up in the middle of the night/ morning and immediately have to vomit. If the zofran hasn’t worked at all, I will vomit the second anything hits my stomach, including water. I have vomitted over the sight/smell of food and even over just the thought of food. I can eat maybe 5-10 bites of food usually once a day, sometimes two. However, I will usually vomit that back up completley undigested. Hence the weight loss. Its not uncommon for me to vomit 2-3 times a day.
I have been taking omeprazole for the acid reflux and I cannot really tell a difference. Also have developed a chronic cough from GERD. The constipation is also horrific and sometimes laxatives do not even help.
I know I will gain weight when I stop taking Wegovy because I have not been exercising (no energy to) or even able to get myself on a healthy, sustainable diet of smaller meals like I planned on doing when starting Wegovy.
After 8 weeks of this, I am exhausted. I have no energy, feel really weak and am miserable. I’ve lost 30 pounds but i’m starting to wonder if this is even worth it anymore. Is everyone experiencing this drastic of side effects and just ignoring it in the name of weight loss?
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2022.01.18 23:04 CaribbeanCalypso Snowy owl giving me serious side eye [OC]

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2022.01.18 23:04 allowedtobe_happy A question from someone who isn't LGBT

Hi everyone
I'm just wanting some advice. I'll be blunt and just say that I've opened an online gift shop and as I'm going through adding tags, titles and placing them in categories, I'm becoming... uncomfortable.
I'm a strong believer in being open and allowing people to just be themselves, and I want my gift shop to reflex that. So when I have a 'female' watch I'm adding tags that they're gifts for men as well. But then I'm bothered by the title, so I'm changing it to 'unisex' watch. Is this acceptable? Maybe I should just leave the gender out?
I've also got a pillow case where the customer can choose between his and hers with half of a heart on either the left or right. I've called it a mix up, because I wanted people to know that they can choose two females, or two males. But I'm stuck on other genders. (I also haven't figured out the multiple partners as well.) Do you have any suggestions?
It's really important to me that my gift shop is all inclusive, because it f*cken should be, and I'm not seeing a lot of things like that.
Any suggestions that you have, I'm open to. If there's something that you wish you saw more of, please let me know.
Thank you for taking the time to read this.
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