ira3s n27i8 92nz3 tkbz6 sedy3 hhts4 25e2s zbetn btasd 39r5z ih5r6 s3b9f 6299i szn2d 4325e 4sefi 5syy7 nayra 4i24h 9h6k7 9byz7 The best exchange for buying, selling, and swapping crypto! Excellent if you are doing online crypto gambling! |

The best exchange for buying, selling, and swapping crypto! Excellent if you are doing online crypto gambling!

2022.01.18 21:53 iTrip- The best exchange for buying, selling, and swapping crypto! Excellent if you are doing online crypto gambling!

The best exchange for buying, selling, and swapping crypto! Excellent if you are doing online crypto gambling!
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2022.01.18 21:53 the_poop_expert Thailand to axe jail terms and fines as it decriminalise marijuana

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2022.01.18 21:53 FrostedPoptart1 What song is your secret guilty pleasure that is the complete opposite of your “image”?

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2022.01.18 21:53 svanapps Hillicon Valley — 5G delayed again near airports

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2022.01.18 21:53 kcag1 the boredom is slowly eating at me.

i’m never satisfied unless i’m doing something constantly. if i’m not feeling a rush. like going shopping and blowing money i don’t have, driving recklessly, or getting black out drunk on the weekends. it feels good in the moment, but then i feel guilty. i have no hobbies, no interests. not anymore. i used to love reading, writing, and drawing. i don’t have the energy to do any of those anymore. and each new hobby i pick up, i lose interest almost immediately.
work is my best, and probably only, distraction. i will over work myself until i can feel myself starting to get stressed, yet i don’t care. i keep going. most days i work through my lunch break, so i’ll be at my desk for the entire nine hours at the office. all because i don’t want to have to sit by myself for one hour. that’s when the thoughts come pouring in.
i hate going back to my apartment at the day of the day, because that’s when i feel the worst. somehow i’ll still have so much pent up energy with nothing to do and nowhere else to go. i wish i had someone to talk to, but i don’t feel connected to anyone. that’s all i want though: a connection. i don’t want to bother anyone, though. i don’t want to call or text someone and ask them if we can just talk because then they’ll know how lonely i am. it’s almost kind of embarrassing for me.
i’m 23 years old yet feel like i’ve been here forever. like my life is passing me by. i’m not living, i’m existing.
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2022.01.18 21:53 oo_happy_oo Trade Bike for Tread?

Hi guys! I have had my peloton for a few months now and admittedly I don’t use it much… I do most of my workouts at Orange Theory and got the bike as a way to workout if I wasn’t able to make a class time. I love the format of the classes but don’t really like riding the bike. I am considering trading my bike and getting a Tread as I really like running in Orange Theory classes but I am worried that I won’t like that either!
Has anyone traded their bike for a tread? What was your experience or advice? I am also considering buying an off brand tread and keeping my Peloton membership but not sure it’s worth it.
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2022.01.18 21:53 Current_Effect9804 Roommates for Weekend One!

Hey guys!
My group and I are looking for some people to split accommodations with for Weekend ONE. As of right now we are a group of 3 (2 girls and 1 guy). We are looking to lock in a place to stay as soon as possible. Please feel free to message me on here or on ig @joliee.v! Thank you so much l✨
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2022.01.18 21:53 FALLOUT76-MERCHANT [price check] Tattered Field Jacket

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2022.01.18 21:53 Arexandraue Code running "ahead of itself", e.g finding objects in a zone that should have been moved in an earlier iteration of loop.

Code running So, I really can't wrap my head around this. I have a bank shop of five cards. I want to write a function that fills up any empty spaces by sliding all the cards to the right, then dealing new cards from the deck. I created five bank zones, with methods that can check if they are empty, and fetch cards from other bank zones.
So I was thinking I'd first iterate over each of the four first bank zones, checking each to see if its empty, and if so scan ahead and find a non-empty bank zone, and transfer that card to its own zone. If it runs out of zones to check, it'll grab a card from the deck (that part of the code is not in yet, because I ran into trouble while testing the code halfway). Then when it's done checking/moving cards, it'll proceed to the next bank zone and repeat.
function fixBank2() print("----------") local infoBoard = getObjectFromGUID("2d3845") local bankZoneTable ="bankZoneTable") local deck ="deck") for i=1,4 do print("Main check for card", i) if bankZoneTable[i].call("isEmpty") then print(i," is empty") j = i + 1 while bankZoneTable[j].call("isEmpty") do print("checking ",j) print(j, " is empty") j = j + 1 end print("found card at ",j) print(bankZoneTable[i].getName(), " tries to fetch card from", j) bankZoneTable[i].call("getCard",j) end end end 
When I run the code on the card setup in the scenario below, the result below is not what I expected.
It seems like bank2 is not allowed to finish its fetching of the card at bank4 before bank3 jumps in and takes the card. And then the main check to see if bank4 is empty or not seems to be executed before the card is moved to bank3, because it does not register as empty, as it should be after its card was moved to bank3.
If I run the getCard(bankNum) function by itself, it works perfectly, moving a card to the originating bank zone from the bankNum zone.
I've tried to google my way to an solution, but my limited programming lingo prevents me from doing relevant searches. I was trying Wait.frames, but it doesn't feel like the correct solution (reading the TTS api, "Please note that Wait does not pause Lua script execution, because that would freeze Tabletop Simulator! The next line of code after a Wait function call will always be executed immediately.").
Anyone could help me out and explain what's going on here?
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2022.01.18 21:53 TheBigSm0ke SkyrimVR essential mods?

I keep seeing people say SkyrimVR is only good with mods.
Now I’m quite familiar with flat Skyrim and it’s mods like SkyrimUI.
However, is there a list of mods that are specifically required for VR for the experience to be enjoyable.
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2022.01.18 21:53 gottapaythetrolltol $10 - Free|Instant|NO DEPO|Verify Identity - Join CoinStash and earn $10 in BTC instantly with no deposit. During sign up msg states you must be a citizen of the AU...ignore that message, I'm in the US.

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2022.01.18 21:53 Lanky-Championship-1 Been a tough couple of days but this freelancer succeeded in renegotiating pay and terms and conditions.

Don't even know where to begin. Almost feels like it's not over. But they signed a new agreement, just receive my final payment from the client and they have all of my native files and their happy and I'm glad I don't have to hear from them again hopefully.
Gotta say AIGA helped me a lot a lot. If you're new to rhe business sides of things like me, take like a day to study up on their material.
It feels amazing to advocate for yourself but also extremely draining.
I need to join a union 😅 It's hard being alone in this business.
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2022.01.18 21:53 telsonnelson Soot from furnace/heat pump?

We bought a home a few months ago and it came w a 3 year old heat pump/furnace. Today I had my attic insulated and since a few of the dampeners are having what looks like soot/dust come out now and then. Also I changed the air filter a month ago and as of today it’s greyish. I plan to have the ducts cleaned but is that all I should do? Is it normal for my dampeners to put out anything like this or did the attic job stir something up? Pics below:
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2022.01.18 21:53 Tatermyrwold2 I received this coin as a gift but have no idea what it is! It’s about half the size of a US penny. Any info would be fantastic!

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2022.01.18 21:53 Affectionate_Hat494 TIFU by rejecting a friend's Instagram request

I met this girl a little while ago on vacation. She was really cool, and to be honest, I caught feelings for her. However, I already had a girlfriend at the time.
On the trip, we met some other people our age. There was this one guy that was hitting on the girl I liked, and I got really jealous. I was drunk and not thinking straight. I told this guy that I liked the girl.
The girl eventually found out, and she actually asked me herself if what I said was true. I had to tell her that I had a girlfriend. She looked so disappointed, and I felt really bad.
A few days after the trip, she requested to follow me on Instagram. I left it pending for two weeks, and I rejected it. I felt really bad, because I already led her on, but I was just trying to do the right thing for my girlfriend. It wasn't so much that I felt threatened by her, but I thought that if I didn't see pictures and things this girl was doing, it would be easier to forget about her. Also, I thought by waiting for a little while, it would make the rejection easier as opposed to rejecting it right away. I wanted to make it look like I at least considered it before saying now. However, the same night I rejected her request, she blocked me.
I found out later that she tried requesting me to show that we were still friends. Her intention was not to get in the way of my girlfriend and I, but since I denied claims that I liked her, she figured that it was just a misunderstanding and we could at least be social media friends. After all, she and I live in different countries, over two thousand miles away.
Tl;dr: a girl liked me, and she tried to request me on Instagram. I liked her too, but I had a girlfriend, so I rejected the request. She blocked me after
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2022.01.18 21:53 No_Run4888 r/MarineLorphelin Shooting sympathique pour MarieClaire

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2022.01.18 21:53 Makzimov Client Problem, Help?

So a friend of mine has come back to the game after a week or two and their client/launcher no longer works, it won't let them in. The window pops up but everything just stays on a spinning load-circle and nothing loads, I've helped them over the past few days, we've did everything we can think of and everything we could find on the internet but nothing seems to work. Any thoughts?
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2022.01.18 21:53 nofun_nofun_nofun He’s back! 🥒

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2022.01.18 21:53 2_Blue 'UFO' Shaped Like 'Orb' Spotted Over Carson City

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2022.01.18 21:53 tundraportal What would they talk about?

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2022.01.18 21:53 Here-For-The-Comment This is the first video I ever liked on YouTube. 12 years ago, I'm happy to have seen it again today.

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2022.01.18 21:53 Storms_Wrath The Human Artificial Hivemind Part 27: Project Dawn

First Previous
*You are trespassing in Human and Breyyanik territory. Leave at once, or be fired upon.\*
Saknit laughed. He sent a broadcast out into the system.
*What're you gonna do about it?\*
Ships around the third planet suddenly skipped through the system. Spatial jumps. He ordered a suppressor to be activated, but it was too late. A large asteroid orbiting the fourth planet suddenly moved to the opposite side of the stellar mass. Nearly ten thousand low power nuclear detonations destroyed a fifth of his fleet immediately before shields were fully brought up. Swarms of asteroids pelted his fleet's shields. He laughed as they uselessly splattered against them. Then the asteroids began to detonate.
Nuclear fire washed over his ships a second time as he gave the order to move in system, towards the third planet. The enemy fleet had mustered itself in that quick blink of an eye of spatial jumping. A dastardly tactic. These inferiors might be smart enough to serve as slaves. A shame so few of them would live to see it.
"Focus fire on the third planet! Marauder squads 1 through 8, initiate plan 4!" he yelled. His scaly snout split in a large grin. Nothing like a large space battle to get the blood flowing. Light lag did ruin the fun a bit, though.
"Deploy linked particle jammers!"
He watched as his ships met the enemy. They weren't quite evenly matched. His Marauders sped towards the third planet, firing their nuclear missiles. Satellites orbiting the planet eliminated them far outside it's moon's orbit. The marauders kept firing. One got through. Then two. Then ten. Saknit leaned forward to watch the detonations on the planet. They never came. Shields rebuffed the nuclear attacks, but failed after three strikes. Unfortunately, when one shield failed, another activated. And the laser satellites above the planet made getting more than three onto a shield near impossible.
One did get through, striking the northern part of the larger continent. Another was destroyed by a missile launched from the surface of the planet, which somehow hit it.
The Marauders were quickly engaged by thousands of fighters lifting off of the planet itself. Their missiles could outrun the fighters, but the fighters could also shoot them down. Luckily, the Marauders were also faster than the fighters. But they couldn't make many more runs on the planet itself.
Further in space towards his fleet, a new enemy appeared. Saknit didn't know what was happening, but did recognize the events from the previous battle Drakara's rookie had had with them. Ships disappearing without a trace, or simply going dark. There was no biped appearing outside of them and slapping them, however. "Deploy Psychic countermeasures!"
The ships stopped disappearing. Strangely, an odd resonance appeared from a source behind the stellar mass. Saknit couldn't just fire through the stellar mass, though, so he'd have to deal with it. The resonance reached a higher frequency. He felt himself begin to feel strange. He couldn't pull down the psychic countermeasures, though. Not when a Class 9 Psychic Entity was in play. He gritted his teeth and fought through the pain.
One of the Marauders' nuclear missiles made it through the shield. Unfortunately, it struck the ocean of the planet. No damage there. Saknit was still heading into the system, so he had nothing else to do but watch them. His larger ships couldn't accelerate the same way the Marauders could. And the enemy fleet was still heading towards him so he could beat it aside.
The Marauders lost three of their number to the laser satellites. A swarm of missiles adapted against point defense was launched towards each one. Those missiles shot out groups of smaller missiles that were much more difficult to spot with cameras. Out of the 40 satellites in range of the Marauders, 29 were destroyed.
Ten of the 160 Marauders had been destroyed as well by the planetary fighters. A random influence sometimes caused the Marauders to smash into each other, damaging or destroying them. It wasn't common enough to worry about the anomaly, though.
A nuclear fusion bomb took out two more Marauders. A sudden expansion of one of the planetary shields caught the whole 4th squad off guard, and they were destroyed as the shield slammed into them before retracting to its previous state. The inferiors were crafty, he'd give them that. They had tricks he never would have thought of. But the might of the Trikkec would still push them aside.
The 3rd, 5th and 8th Marauder squads were destroyed eventually by the planetary fighters. The others had lost half of their pilots or more. Their nuclear payloads were all spent. The ones that had gotten through the shield either fell into the water and detonated there, or just disappeared above the surface of the planet as swarms of drones and missiles intercepted them. The Marauders were losing their battle. But he no longer had time to focus on them. Breyyanik ships reached his fleet, and the real battle began.
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Frelney'Brey watched as his ships began engaging the large Trikkec Fleet. A few of the Luna stockpile stations fired their salvos. He knew their trajectories. The command vessel, the Trikkec's main battlecruiser. The nuclear missiles streaked towards the command ship, mostly being destroyed by lasers and guns. But Humanity had learned an important lesson a long time ago. Go big or go home.
378 fifty megaton warheads struck the command vessel. It vanished in a large fireball. The Trikkec Fleet kept fighting. He adjusted his squad formations and selected another battlecruiser to focus their attacks on. The key was keeping friendly ships in between enemy ships, so that missed shots could do their enemies damage as well.
Suicide drones were dumped from his bombing ships, which flew at the enemy fleet and strafed them with extremely powerful magnetic fields that hopefully would interfere with their shields. But the Trikkec were pounding away at him as well. He'd lost around a quarter of his cruisers and battlecruisers. Half of his destroyers were gone, and nearly two thirds of his frigates. But the Breyyanik were fighting on.
The Humans joined the raging battle, their slower ships finally reaching the site of battle. Massive railguns launched forty ton projectiles at the Trikkec ships, punching through the shields of their frigates. The destroyers and cruisers shrugged off the fire. One ship had a laser nearly as long as it was firing down onto a Trikkec cruiser. More nuclear weapons bombarded the Trikkec. The return salvo from the Trikkec was in the form of metal and lasers.
A large beam from a Trikkec battlecruiser cut the UHF Grave Digger in half. Its reactor simply powered down, cut off from its source of hydrogen. Frelney'Brey resisted the urge to scratch his ears as they rubbed up against the inside of his space suit. He hoped Annabelle hadn't been vaporized. The military suits had enough oxygen to keep someone going for eight hours.
Explosions rippled across another human vessel as its shields failed under the onslaught of a laser drone swarm. The swarm was taken out by a nuclear fireball. Gaia partially materialized again after the psychic suppression drive was destroyed. Nichole must have activated an enhancer or something. Frelney'Brey didn't know she'd cracked that tech already.
The other ships activated smaller versions of the psychic suppression drives, and Gaia vanished again. A nuke struck his own ship, hitting its shields harmlessly. The force of it caused the ship to spin wildly before Frelney'Brey ordered the stabilizers to be fired. Another laser hit his ship, splitting off his shields. One of its pieces hit a human frigate, which was destroyed.
He received a transmission from Annabelle. Apparently she was still alive.
*Activate Project Dawn.\*
Frelney'Brey sent an order to his starlifting ships. Frelney'Brey then ordered his ships to target the ships producing the Alcubierre space disruptors. It cost him nearly 100 more frigates and several hundred fighters to destroy them all.
The Vinarii joined the fray.
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Hex'taqnar angled his fleet to hit the battle from above, and had designated all Breyyanik and human ships as friendlies. The Trikkec were the enemy. And the enemy only existed to be destroyed. His cruisers and battlecruisers targeted three Trikkec battlecruisers with their high powered railguns even as they accelerated into the battle.
The Breyyanik and human ships had taken a major beating already. "Release fighters!" he shouted.
Thousands of pilots poured from the bellies of cruisers and battlecruisers towards the battle. They were armed with high power lasers and moderate shielding. They could take some punishment and also dish it out. A Trikkec laser struck his ship, nearly punching through his shields before being destroyed by a squad of Breyyanik fighters.
Two nuclear missiles hit the cruiser beside him, knocking it into another cruiser. Both of them exploded. Hex'taqnar hissed. He had his fleet spread out a bit more. He received a communication from the Breyyanik and the Humans.
*Disengage from the battle. Here comes the sun. You have two minutes.\*
That was a vague and ominous message. But he gave the order as he saw human and Breyyan ships extricate themselves from whatever objectives they had been targeting. His fighters followed his orders without question. Or rather, the orders of their home ships' Rank 7 ship leaders without question. The Trikkec fleet didn't follow them directly, but at an angle. Probably trying to avoid mines.
Hez'taqnar was sent a series of coordinates that were very close to his current location. At least in terms of space sizes. A few hundred thousand miles away. He sent the coordinates to his navigators right before he received another set of orders.
*Alcubierre transit to the specified coordinates.\*
Hex'taqnar didn't question the orders and initiated the jump. His fleet exited jump space. He'd lost nearly a third of it in the battle. The shields detected a massive power drain and bright light burned out every sensor he had facing the battle.
*Spatial jump detected.\*
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
After Commander Saknit had died, Jinnaz had been next in line for command. So he'd taken it. He'd been beating down the combined fleet when a third one had shown up. Vinarii. The bastards.
Then suddenly they had begun retreating. Jinnaz had almost followed them directly, before remembering the rules of space combat. Always avoid opportunities to hit mines. So he'd had his fleet split into two and follow them at angles. The Trikkec were faster than them anyway. He'd catch up to them.
"Fighters, reengage the enemy!"
"Cruisers, target the largest remaining Breyyanik vessel!"
Bright light. Searing bright light. Jinnaz couldn't see anything. His sensors went blind. Not even antimatter bombs did this. "What did they hit us with!?" he yelled. A warning light flashed as his ship's shields fell below 75%. He waited for his sensor officers to respond. The shields dropped to 74%.
"The stellar mass, Commander!"
"The what!?"
Jinnaz saw the shields begin to deplete way faster than they should have. His ship was unable to radiate the heat away into space, and the plasma acted like a crucible. Shields dropped from 50% to 42% in the time it took him to flick his tongue. How had the inferiors employed such a weapon? Then his ships' shields failed. Searing heat turned his ship to gas as he burned, melted, then atomized in less than a second.
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Annabelle smiled in cold satisfaction as the remains of the Trikkec fleet slowly drifted away. Her own ship had been 'destroyed' a while ago, but no one cared about half a Grave Digger spinning out into the void when there was a real battle on. The centrifugal force had been incredibly uncomfortable. If not for her space suit, the walls of the room, and her magnetic boots, she would have died long ago. It was a good thing that her half of the ship was spinning around the bridge.
About a quarter of her crew was still alive. The air had been vented from the ship long before Project Dawn had activated, back when they were still riding out to war. It had killed half her crew alone, both those out in space and those exposed to the void but still attached to the ship. The bridge was thermally isolated from the rest of the ship, even more so after the air was all vented to prevent a violent decompression.
Blood floated in the bridge as well, from the shrapnel that had impaled several of her crew before going out the other wall. It was very unpleasant. Annabelle knew that their sacrifice had allowed Humanity and the Breyyanik to be saved. As well as those new crystalline aliens. What was their name again? The Dreedeen. She had to admit, they looked kind of awesome in that bluish grey look with those white highlights on their... ears? Horns? She wasn't sure.
Now granted, that wasn't as awesome as dropping four thousand cubic miles worth of solar plasma on evil aliens several times. All it had taken was about fifty unmanned Alcubierre drives buried inside heavily shielded hundred foot wide asteroids to get the job done. After all, the drives only needed to last for a few minutes before dumping their contents onto unsuspecting Trikkec ships. And they'd had Gaia's help with keeping the heat from cooking the insides of the drives. After all, manipulating radiation was Gaia's thing.
Even if only half of the ships made it since Gaia had been weakened. All in all, a costly job, but well done.
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Nichole straightened her back and let out a sigh. Her brother was safe, as well as Fleet Commander Annabelle. They'd lost nearly 80% of the combined human and Breyyanik ships. Tsunamis from the nukes hitting the ocean had dealt some damage to coastal cities. And there'd be radioactive fallout over the Arctic Circle and Siberia. But the Trikkec were destroyed. Zheen turned his body to face her.
"Did we win?"
"Yes. We beat them, at great cost."
Nichole grinned. "Starlifting equipment and lots of help from Gaia."
Zheen tapped his crystalline claws against the table. "Which did... what exactly?"
"Allowed us to drop a nice sized chunk of the sun on them."
Zheen stepped back. If he'd had eyes, Nichole was sure they would've gone wide.
"I wish to return to my crew. I must... talk to them."
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2022.01.18 21:53 reepatzz [OFFER] I will photoshop an item of furniture into your space with some light redesign for $5

Note this is not a virtual home staging service
Do you have a piece of furniture you’re thinking of buying but you’re not sure how it will look or fit in your space? See it staged before you invest in it! Send me a URL or clear photo (with dimensions) of the item and a clear photo of the space where you’d like to place it. I try to keep dimensions and perspective in mind when placing the item. A reference measurement in your space would help a lot with sizing. I can do some light redesign in the same service, including recoloring walls and removing undesirable features like outlets, wires, vents, etc.
I’m by no means a professional and my work is not perfect (see examples linked below). It’s meant to help you evaluate if a piece of furniture or item will work in your space.
I will aim for 24-48 hr turnaround. I’ll let you know if your pictures are suitable for this service. Sometimes furniture stock images or FB marketplace items don’t have the right angle for placement so I’ll let you know if that’s the case.
Look out for future postings - I may start offering custom redesigns where I select pieces for you.
Payment via PayPal. Work Samples:
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2022.01.18 21:53 timecop1987 Pairing a New Logitech (Non-Unifying) Receiver With an Existing Mouse/Keyboard (MK345)

I have a wireless keyboard and mouse (MK345), and the receiver stopped working.
I purchased a new (non-unifying) receiver and I'm trying to use the Logitech Connect_Utility tool to pair the keyboard and mouse to the new receiver (
The problem I am having is that to use the tool I have to plug in the Receiver I am trying to pair, and then click 'Next'. But how can I click 'Next' if there is no mouse/keyboard connected to the Receiver?
It feels like I'm stuck in a catch22 situation, or am I just a dummie who is missing something obvious?
For the record, the Connect_Utility tool only allows you to have one Receiver plugged in while pairing the device, and it won't allow you to click 'Next' until there is only 1 Receiver plugged into the computer ('Next' is greyed out until you unplug the second Receiver).
Would appreciate any help with this? Thanks
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