Jacksonville is prime for commuter rail.

2022.01.18 23:09 Miatamadness Jacksonville is prime for commuter rail.

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2022.01.18 23:09 Oak_Tree297 Got my grail knife! Won't be buyin a new knife anytime soon.

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2022.01.18 23:09 FXO5 Settings app crashes whenever I try to check the storage on my iPad

Whenever I try to enter the iPad storage settings, the setting app just crashes. I have tried restarting my iPad multiple times, and it hasn’t helped. I am using iPadOS 14.8 (can’t update to 15 because not enough storage… but can’t enter the storage settings to check what’s taking to much storage)
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2022.01.18 23:09 cutiezombie210 I wrote a review on Instagram (Google PlayStore) and this is what I told them.

"I really love Instagram, but it really makes me angry and sad that you're always removing and reporting my videos for copyright, you think I'm stealing photos of someone that's not true that's me (I just put make up and fun filters) and you think I'm stealing songs or music, that's not true, I just love making videos with background music/songs, just like my friends and family do, you let them post and have fun... Please help.. I have family, cutiezombie210"
I think I did wrote a review on Playstore last Year.. I don't remember if I deleted it or they did..
But I feel like Instagram hates me soo much...
I have friends I've known since high school when I was younger and family members and they put funny videos with background music songs, sound effects, make up and filter etc.. And Instagram is happy and lets them post everyday. But why do they hate me? I have tried contacting them 3 times few years ago and last year too.. They really ignore me...
I have Instagram because I have my own real family members, friends I know personally and a lot of other random people..
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2022.01.18 23:09 Nabler1974 What’s a fact that keeps you up at night

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2022.01.18 23:09 AbacaxiLegal I'm selling a Brawl Stars account. The account has 4549 trophies and 18 brawlers unlocked, including Sandy. There are no skins purchased, but there is a balance of 105 gems to buy. It costs 10 dollars, but we can bargain.

I'm selling a Brawl Stars account. The account has 4549 trophies and 18 brawlers unlocked, including Sandy. There are no skins purchased, but there is a balance of 105 gems to buy. It costs 10 dollars, but we can bargain. submitted by AbacaxiLegal to SupercellAccounts [link] [comments]

2022.01.18 23:09 TomJaii it's gotta be something

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2022.01.18 23:09 StaffSgtGravy Pretty solid run with a buddy, but we ended the run in quite an interesting position

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2022.01.18 23:09 beaniebaby729 YOUR ANSWER CAN'T BE BOOKS TAG

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2022.01.18 23:09 GhostieTheMostie Looking for feebas or milotoc!

I don't have shinys or legendary Pokemon, but I do have some that are hard to find until post game!
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2022.01.18 23:09 LinusThiccTips If I combine multiple contract calls within a single transaction, instead of calling them individually on separate transactions, would it save enough gas to make it worth it?

For example, on AAVE I need to make 3 transactions to borrow from a new wallet:
1) Approve 2) Deposit Collateral 3) Borrow
If I were to write a contract that does all those 3 actions within a single transaction, would it actually save a good amount of gas or are gas the savings too small to small to make it worth it? Specially as the user would need to approve my contract as well.
Unsure how I could calculate the gas cost difference
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2022.01.18 23:09 anapforme That sweet happy pittie smile…

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2022.01.18 23:09 Lower-Kaleidoscope-9 HR back pedaling on employee referral incentive.

My company issued an incentive program for referring new hires. If they stay for one year you get $1500. Pretty sweet right? I just so happened to have a friend who was looking for a job. I’m a supervisor on salary, the position being hired is like an hourly laborer position in construction. Remember that, it’s very important for later.
Upon his new hire paperwork I was sent a form that I sign and head of HR signs with the date of my referrals one year completion and the date I should be paid my incentive. Everyone signs, all good.
Fast forward one year, time comes for for my incentive. It’s not in my check, no worries HR probably just forgot, so I reach out only to be told the following.
HR - “The employee incentive program isn’t for salary employees, it’s only for other hourly employees.”
I followed up by forwarding the signed documents from one year ago we all signed. Myself and the same HR rep telling me no. It’s her signature on the form, the same one telling me I’m not eligible. I was professional an polite something along the lines of.
Me - “This is a copy of the form signed by you last year explaining when I would receive my incentive, if I’m not eligible then why did we fill this out?”
HR - “The policy changed mid year, salary employees are no longer eligible, sorry for the confusion”
Me - “I understand if it changed, but no announcement was made, and when my referral was hired on the policy was obviously still in place or you wouldn’t have sent me the proper documentation to complete.”
There was never a response. I went up the chain, nobody had an answer for me. I had to go to the Vice President of operations weeks later to get an answer. Basically he admitted they should have made an announcement when they changed the policy, but it wasn’t in the budget to give me an incentive now, I was given a $25 gift card to Starbucks. I fucking despise Starbucks for other reason unrelated to this sub. So yeah that sucked. When I left his office angry, defeated, and questioning my loyalty he told me to continue referring great candidates.
Eat a dick Mike.
Also, I still work here unfortunately.
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2022.01.18 23:09 ThexLoneWolf [WP] The last members of a race of long-lived aliens migrated to Earth after the destruction of their homeworld thousands of years ago. One of the aliens was just murdered, and their corpse must be retrieved from a human morgue before their true nature is discovered.

Additional Note: The aliens altered their genetics so they could pass for human, however, even a cursory examination of their internal organs will reveal their extraterrestrial origin.
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2022.01.18 23:09 aindavocerico 😳😳😳

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2022.01.18 23:09 prawnbiryani #unsplashcats #cute #adorable #kittens #cats #followformore

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2022.01.18 23:09 S31ZE (WTS) AR9 part out + CZ scorpion parts + adjustable buffer (OH)

Parting out my ar9 build and a few other parts I had laying around. Looking for cash, unless you have optics to trade pm me.
Paypal F&F or G&S (you pay fee) NO NOTES, also will take some cryptos(BTC, XRM), shipping is free.

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2022.01.18 23:09 saltynic How to navigate dating when living in a tourist town

I moved to a tourist town a few years ago and noticed there’s a lot of people who are looking for vacation hookups, local girls to join their bachelor party, or just tourists who won’t disclose they don’t live in the area. How have other people in tourist towns navigated these waters and not feel defeated?
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2022.01.18 23:09 eliostark [FRESH ALBUM] Beach House - Once Twice Melody: Chapter 3

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2022.01.18 23:09 Plus-Lime2933 What do you all think health is? What is your belief behind the definition of health?

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2022.01.18 23:09 gxmedia [SEJ] Does Google Have A Problem With Big Robots.txt Files? via @sejournal, @MattGSouthern

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2022.01.18 23:09 taspenwall One m'lady away from full on neck beard.

neckbeard - a talkative, self-important nerdy man who, through an inability to properly decode social cues, mistakes others' strained tolerance of his blather for evidence of his own charm.

So a little about me, I've got a skeletal disorder and i'm only 4'10". I had some pretty good times in my life, I used to drink a lot and have lots of friends. I used to go out. I used to shower, shave and have a good hair cut. I was funny, and fun to be around. I used to work on cars and drag race VW beetles. I worked on motor cycles for friends and got paid in tattoo work. I have two full sleeves worth of tattoos, lot of skulls. I once dated a girl that I meet in a physic hospital because she was crazy and the sex was that good. I moved in with a chick for a few years.
Now I'm a neck beard. I don't mean that in a mean way. I live with my mom and sister and I can't work. I don't take showers regulatory because whats the point? I can't grow a beard but I don't shave and I have a neck beard. I have no money and I run linux. I build CNC controllers while I cheat on social security. I haven't gotten laid in 7 years. I work sometimes for a retired machinist and I can build things from metal. I but I can't make a tra can do a 1/4 of what a 3d printer can do. I have no contact with women in my life aside from my mom and sister. I read scifi novels and think about how great it would be if I lived in space. I avoid women, I leave nice comments on tictok. Women that I would have gone after now seem like approaching the sun, being blinded and burned.
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2022.01.18 23:09 2k2gt [WTS] Holosun 407C Green, RMR/Holosun mounts (NC)

Discreet Paypal FF or GS fees on buyer with enough flairs.
Like new Holosun 407C x2 2MOA green dot, mounted on a Zev slide briefly, hasn't left the house since. It comes with everything from factory. $210 shipped.
ADM RMR QD low mount, excellent condition. $60 shipped
Holosun RM507C/407C picatinny mount, hasn't been used. $30 shipped.
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2022.01.18 23:09 Suitable_Court149 error send email

Error01/19/2022 02:07:36 +00:00Resource temporarily unavailable Error send email
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2022.01.18 23:09 kicksandcollectables Best black dye for fabric liners/tongues?

Just wondering what types of dyes you guys use to go from say white to black on the liners and tongues? I've tried Angelus paint mixed with the 2soft and it's always really dull looking when it's finished, more of like an ashy grey than black. I've also tried Jacquard textile dyes and it has much better results than the Angelus method, but still not a very deep black. Anyone have any hidden gems I should try that keeps the sockliner soft still but gives a deep black tone?
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