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Finally feeling confident about myself after 16 years

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38 Days Boisss
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As soon as I finished making my induction matrix my ult universal cables would just stop flowing large amounts of power and it would just sit there. I broke and reset my whole power grid but that only solved the issue for a small amount of time.
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Please comment before pm’ing me offers and be prepared to include timestamp photo. Preference will go to sealed kits. Thank you.
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2022.01.18 22:36 42069420694206969420 An Analysis of The Reception of Chapters 124-138

Hello everyone! this is actually my first post on here, so wish me luck!
Anyway, on to the main topic. If you go online, whether it be quora, reddit, twitter, or youtube, you will see that 124 - 138, or the "Rumbling Arc", has a lot of supporters and a lot of vocal critics of it online. Such online noise will give the impression of a rather controversial and not very liked arc, and that seems to be the consensus if you just look at comments and reddit posts.
It is commonly agreed that the arc needed to live up to the massive hype of the peak fiction war for paradis and marley arcs, and the controversy seems to come from here. Some people say it was just as good as those great arcs, while others compare it to game of thrones season 8. Many people on reddit also said that they are only hyped for the first 5 episodes and the rest will be controversial and deeply divided and not too well received. Also, for this analysis, I WILL NOT BE FOCUSING ON CHAPTER 139, BUT ONLY 124 - 138.
However, I contend that a lot of the hate for this arc is actually statistically overblown and a product of a loud minority.
Now, before we start, I want to say that if you dislike this arc, that is totally fine and respectable. Overall reception does not make your opinion any less valid or invalid, and I'm glad that you have this opinion as long as you don't be toxic or insult the people involved.
Ok, so first, we need to define what a "loud minority" is. A loud, or vocal minority, is often a very lloud but small group of people that contrast with a much smaller majority. To give a better idea, let's give some practical examples on what is and what is not a loud minority:
Many people often point to The Last Jedi, for example, as a film that receives a lot of hate by a loud minority, pointing out the 90% RT or 85% metacritic and the 1.3 Billion dollar gross and then comparing that with the plethora of YT videos dissing it.
However, The Last Jedi product is not a good example of a loud minority. The film is actually statistically very divided among audiences. It has a 6.9 on IMDb with over 600K votes, a 3.2 on Letterboxd with hundreds of thousands of votes cast, and a 43% RT audience score. All of this shows that the film really does have a mixed to negative reception among audiences, and since the youtube videos are just a part of the general audience, they are not really contrasting with the quieter majority.
Now, let's give an example of a loud minority at work. This actually has to do with Attack on Titan itself, funnily enough, which is episode 65 The Warhammer Titan. The CGI of titans has often been a contentious issue in The Final Season, and this controversy has been at its max on The Warhammer Titan episode, not only because of the amount of CGI used but also because it was relatively lacking compared to the CGI use in episode 60. This has caused many people to call the episode one of the weakest of the season so far, and calling the CGI animation "horrible" and akin to a "PS2". Others, (and this is a REALLY REALLY small minority) started insulting MAPPA and the employees. Although the story of the episode was loved, if you go online, you would see tons of hate of the CGI and would probably think that the episode was a mixed bag. However, this kind of idea is absolutely not true.
On MAL, the episode has an excellent rating of 4.5/5, on anime it is one of the highest rated episodes of both season 3 and season 4 with a 4.73, and on IMDb it has an overwhelming score of 9.9 with over 40K votes.
By literally all metrics available, the episode is universally acclaimed no matter where you go, with many even calling it one of the best of the series. And if you say that was because of the story carrying, that isn't really true either.
If you look at this MAL poll, https://myanimelist.net/forum/?topicid=1889786&pollresults=1, you will see that 60% had a good to great opinion of the CGI used in this episode, while only 17% had a negative opinion. And this is in episode 65, which is considered the worst usage of CGI in the season.
The reason I am bringing this up is because it is a fantastic example of a loud minority. The actual majority and results show that the episode is excellent, but there seems to be an extremely vocal group of people that contrasts pretty heavily with this opinion on online forums and youtube videos that changes the perceived reception of the episode, and the fact that this opinion is circulated around so much is what makes it "loud".
On the other hand, the Last Jedi hate is not a loud minority because it seems like a lot of people really did hate that movie.
I belive that, although not to the same extent, the reception of chapters 124 - 138 is similar to the reception of the warhammer titan episode.
To prove this point, I am going to show the aggregate scores of all of the chapters on three separate websites:

  1. MyAnimeList Chapter poll
  2. The Tumblr monthly polls
  3. The twitter polls released by Attack on Titan Wiki that ask what people thought of the chapter.
Also, something I want to point out is the difference in number of votes. MAL only has a couple hundred votes most of the time, while tumblr and twitter polls are in the thousands. However, for the sake of fairness, I will be weighting them all equally due to the differences in people on all three. MAL is often concentrated with more titanfolk and yeagerists, the tumblr polls are inherently the most trustworthy because they get people from all sides, and the twitter polls are more concentrated with alliance supporters. So, to not discriminate against any of these groups, I will weight them equally to give the fairest depiction on the overall reception of the chapter.
Now, onto the reception, I will rank them:
  1. 131 - MAL 4.79, Tumblr 4.68, Twitter 4.64 -> Overall 4.70
  2. 134 - MAL 4.76, Tumblr 4.52, Twitter 4.66 -> Overall 4.65
  3. 130 - MAL 4.74, Tumblr 4.50, Twitter 4.69 ->Overall 4.64
  4. 135 - MAL 4.31, Tumblr 4.61, Twitter 4.65 -> Overall 4.52
  5. 124 - MAL 4.69, Tumblr 4.31, Twitter 4.54 -> Overall 4.51
  6. 125 - MAL 4.63, Tumblr 4.36, Twitter 4.44 -> Overall 4.48
  7. 132 - MAL 4.56, Tumblr 4.36, Twitter 4.47 -> Overall 4.47
  8. 127 - MAL 4.47, Tumblr 4.36, Twitter 4.48 -> Overall 4.43
  9. 133 - MAL 4.53, Tumblr 4.14, Twitter 4.47 -> Overall 4.38
  10. 136 - MAL 4.40, Tumblr 4.31, Twitter 4.42 -> Overall 4.38
  11. 138 - MAL 3.88, Tumblr 4.48, Twitter 4.65 -> Overall 4.34
  12. 129 - MAL 4.34, Tumblr 4.21, Twitter 4.44 -> Overall 4.33
  13. 128 - MAL 4.36, Tumblr 4.0, Twitter 4.26 -> Overall 4.21
  14. 137 - MAL 3.57, Tumblr 4.09, Twitter 4.33 -> Overall 4.0
  15. 126 - MAL 3.93, Tumblr 3.52, Twitter 4.23 -> Overall 3.89
  16. 139 - MAL 2.82, Tumblr 2.93, Twitter 4.21 -> Overall 3.32
Now, let's put these chapters in a tierlist to better get an idea of what I'm talking about. The qualifications I put are obviously subjective, but I believe they are pretty fair.
Universal Acclaim - 4.5+
131 (4.70), 134 (4.65), 130 (4.64), 135(4.52) 124 (4.51)
Positive Reviews - 4.0+
125 ( 4.48), 132 (4.47), 127 ( 4.43), 133 (4.38), 136 (4.38), 138 (4.34), 129 (4.33), 128 (4.21), 137 (4.0)
Mixed To Positive Reviews - 3.5+
126 (3.89)
Mixed Reviews - 3.0+
139 (3.36)
Negative Reviews - 2.5 +
As we can see here, out of the 16 chapters, 5 out of them are unanimously liked by the community, and 125, 132 and 127 have near unanimous acclaim as well. That's literally half of the arc that has an extremely positive reception. Then, we move on from there, and wee see that 133, 136, 138, and 129 have great reviews, all of which are in the 4.3 - 4.4 star range as well. Even 128 has a respectable 4.21 score, and the extremely contentious 137 still has positive reviews.
Now, moving on to 126, the reception is not as good with around 3.9 stars, making it a little more mixed especially on tumblr. However, the chapter overall still has a positive skew which is why it's in this category.
So, what can we take away from this?
That from chapters 124 - 138, 100% of them are positively received to differing extents.
It is only chapter 139 whose reception is truly mixed among the community.
There are four key implications to take away from this:
  1. The existence of the loud minority for most of this arc. The truth is that chapters 124 - 138 have been very well received by the public, and that the vast majority liked even the controversial chapters like 128. However, entire communities like titanfolk, yeagerbomb, and much of MAL, seem to be divided in the community and have many people who dislike it. The contrast between the perceived controversy and hate of this arc between the actual results is what creates a loud minority, and it absolutely exists here, ultimately the arc seem more mixed than it actually is.
  2. The Alliance episodes will also have a positive reception in the anime. For literally every single episode for season 4 part 1, with the exception of episode 65 The Warhammer Titan, the overall reception of the episodes compared to the chapters adapted has improved ESPECIALLY among the dialogue episodes. Even the top tier episodes dialogue like Declaration of War have been better received in the anime compared to the manga. MAPPA seems to be doing a very good job in adapting dialogue episodes ( which most of the alliance arc is) and helping the conversations flow better, and that is generally reflected in the data. Also, since the rumors are stressing out the slower pacing and due to the improved production, the anime reception will likely be even more positive than it is in the manga. However, I am not sure about the movie and the final battle because although the chapters leading up to 139 (132 - 138) will be positively received; the actual ending is divided and might overshadow their enjoyment of the rest of the movie.
  3. No, the Rumbling Arc (124 - 138) is not Game of Thrones Season 8. Whether or not you agree on whether or not you think it is that bad is irrelevant here. People refer to S8 so much because it is a good example of such a perceived downfall in quality and a very poorly received season. However, whether or not you think the rumbling arc was a trainwreck, the reception makes this comparison objectively untrue. Like I said before, in order to be the "next Game of Thrones Season 8", the reception will have to be like it as well because that is the main reason people point to it, regardless of your personal opinion. GOT S8 has gotten a rotten score on RT both critics and audience, none of the episodes are above 8/10 (4 stars) on IMDB, and every where else shows poor reviews as well. Compare that to the rumbling arc, where 87.5% of the chapters have gotten above 4 stars and many of them receiving above or close to 4.5, and the comparison simply falls flat. Even the lowest rated chapter of the entire manga (chapter 139) is significantly higher rated than episodes like the Bells and The Iron Throne
  4. Chapter 139's reception is NOT a loud minority. Although I proved why the rest of the Rumbling Arc is suffering from a loud minority problem, 139 actually is not. The actual reception of 139 is truly very mixed, and on tumblr and MAL it is even leaning negative. So, the many people who dislike the ending do not contrast with any sort of loud minority because in reality there really are a lot of people who were dissapointed.
Lastly, I want to stress that you are free to have your opinion and I respect it (unless it's derogatory or offensive which the SNK community has a lot of). I am only talking about the OVERALL RECEPTION here.
This is my first post ever, hope y'all like it :)
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I love the game and layout of clue but it’s gotten somewhat repetitive. Any games similar to clue with a vintage aesthetic?
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If your dominant function is Se, then please click on the “N/S” option and so forth and so on. Thank you very much :)
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I wish they did more with Maya and Sam storyline before the show ended
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I am looking at i5 10100 on H510M H mobo and it supports only 2666 mhz RAM for 10th gen i5 CPUs.
Am I going to notice a difference between 2666 mhz and higher RAM speeds or should I just go with this mobo?
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2022.01.18 22:35 Canadianbride514 Dylan Van Acker saying he can't pee in his potty because his weiner is too little has to be a highlight of the series...

I wonder how many times someone has said that to him! Poor guy is older now and I would love to know how that scene has aged!
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