Jeru The Damaja - How I'm Living

2022.01.18 21:46 Newport_Box Jeru The Damaja - How I'm Living

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2022.01.18 21:46 llMagixll Tips for new widows?

hey hey. Played ow for a while but I just started to play widow. Any tips for newbies? I play keyboard and mouse
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2022.01.18 21:46 throwaway439823 Do you think the Scottie / Pascal style clash will eventually force one of them out of the line up?

Not talking just this season.
But given what they do, it doesn't seem like having them both on the floor together is optimal if we have a legit C to play the 5.
If we have a legit C like Turner or Sabonis on the floor what starting / closing lineup can we run with both Scottie and Siakam ? Taking out GTJ / FVV makes no sense because we need the shooting IMO.
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2022.01.18 21:46 IsDaouda_Games The Numbers: Performance benefits of the new Qt Quick Compiler

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2022.01.18 21:46 HridaySabz Restoring new phone from Mac backup, stuck

How long does a restore from itunes/finder backup take? My new Iphone 13 is showing the 'hello/hola' screen while finder says 'restoring from backup' with a fully blue bar.

Is something wrong with this? It's been over an hour...
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2022.01.18 21:46 Equivalent_Swan_8362 May you forever SHF agent fukekeked

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2022.01.18 21:46 Puzzleheaded-Sea-883 Looking for a specific story

So it's currently just after 12.40 am here where I am and I wanted to read one of my favourite Naruto fics, however I cannot find it with a google so I have come to ask for help.
The fic I am looking for has Female! Naruto who is super strong and super bonkers who uses creepy rhyming and terrifying tactics in her fights. I also remember an Orochimaru fight where she basically yells at him that Konoha is hers to burn.
If anyone can help me, please do so.
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2022.01.18 21:46 lifetrip1 Ways to stay in France as a non-EU foreigner

Hello everyone, I hope you are well.
Basically I am here in France on a student visa and I am a non-EU foreigner. I would like to stay in France but the Masters I am in is not working out since I am failing.
Is there any way I could stay in France? I don't mind if my job will be washing dishes, I just need an employer to sponsor my visa so that I can stay here.
Alternatively, is there any other path I could take (ANY path) to be able to stay in France?
I'd love to hear your advice if you have any, I'd really appreciate it. I'm getting desperate here...
Thank you so much in advance, and I wish you the best!
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2022.01.18 21:46 Perfect_Ability_1190 LPT Google search any topic followed by ‘filetype:ppt’ and only power points will come up, or a textbook or a subject name followed by ‘filetype:pdf’ to find free textbooks in PDF form.

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2022.01.18 21:46 oh-the_humanity Mercedes W12 to Replace LMP1 in ESS.

Ok, hear me out.
ESS is dying. The only people driving it are GTE enthusiasts, LMP2s who don't like the track IMSA went to that week, and people who just bought the LMP1 30 minutes ago.
It's beyond clear that LMP1 drivers are topping iRacing's list of endangered species right now, and when coupling that with LMP1's extinction in real life, the writing is on the wall.
THUS, I propose we swap out the LMP1 class with the Merc F1 car in ESS an EES. It makes perfect sense. It's basically an open-cockpit / open-wheel LMP1 car on every performance enhancing drug known to mankind. As a result, races would be especially exciting due to the massive pace difference.
Think about it, Dale.
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2022.01.18 21:46 RingSlinger55 The cucuy can have it 😫

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2022.01.18 21:46 Futureman3001 Are those 'fixed bubbles' on the glass eggs of any kind? I have 3 random snails including, the one in the picture if you guys can identify it, a nerite snail, and a small pointy snail. I also have shrimp and 3 endlers. We JUST did a water change, too.

Are those 'fixed bubbles' on the glass eggs of any kind? I have 3 random snails including, the one in the picture if you guys can identify it, a nerite snail, and a small pointy snail. I also have shrimp and 3 endlers. We JUST did a water change, too. submitted by Futureman3001 to Aquariums [link] [comments]

2022.01.18 21:46 oselvagem '270 doctors’ called out Joe Rogan about Dr. Malone Interview

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2022.01.18 21:46 cra2mptasty Biederer Studio postcard around 1935

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2022.01.18 21:46 Sweet_Scholar2830 My mom is mad that I have started to prepare healthy meals for my two younger sisters.

I'm not entirely sure if this classifies a a narc parent situation, but my mom has been diagnosed with narcissism, so I think this is fitting. I (22F) took my two younger sisters (14 & 16) to a doctors appointment last week and at this appt, blood work was done and it came back that both of them were pre diabetic (my mom suffers from diabetes, kidney failure, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol), when those labs came back I almost Hurst into tears because I grew up in my mother's house, so I know how much of a terrible mom she is, she doesn't cook meals, and although she is sick herself, she devours sweets and everything unhealthy as if she has no health problems, because of my moms way of living, I grew an unhealthy relationship to food and one point I weighted 408 pounds as a kid living under my moms roof. It took me moving out to get my life on track and lose over 200 pounds because no kid should ever weight that much. So when I saw that my sister's were headed in the same direction I once was in and that they could be diabetic in an instant, I took it upon myself along with a dieticians help to cook all of my sister's meals and bring them along to the gym with me 5 times a week, so that they don't ever have to worry about being unhealthy in that way. My mom called me today, throwing a bitch fit lime she usually does saying "your sisters can't go to the gym with you today" when I explained to her they need to (my sister's enjoy the gym, much more than I thought), my mom responded (I don't give a fuck, if I say they can't to then they can't go, since they think their too good to eat the food I have in all" I explained to her that they needed to be on a specific diet to lower their risk of getting diabetes and she just completely disregarded everything all because my sister's declined her offer of a fucking cheeseburger.
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2022.01.18 21:46 Specialist-Insect376 Jesus why is today so active in this sub

I've never seen this many posts on this sub about a variety of topics in a while.
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2022.01.18 21:46 DustyJames3 Refinishing Furniture - Visible Roller Marks. Advice?

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2022.01.18 21:46 TheEminenceInShadow Am gonna have to buy a new one I ate one for lunch

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2022.01.18 21:46 gracefulgeorgewell Bachelorette Party

Hey everyone!
I'm planning a bachelorette party for my best friend. We have lots of great kayaking and hiking plans for the day, but I need your help for the evening.
Looking for a fun bar where one might find people singing "Don't stop believing" at full volume with some drunk dancing. It's hard to tell in google the vibes of individual bars. Not looking for a clubbing bar, but a well used dance floor is a must.
Bonus points if its cute/has an outdoor stage. But i'm genuinely excited for your input.
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2022.01.18 21:46 Possibleideal23 Advice For the Officers

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2022.01.18 21:46 StephenFerris Kingdom - ink on acrylic painting

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2022.01.18 21:46 theultimateguyver3 King Shark & Mikey

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2022.01.18 21:46 Kind_Ad7723 yeni telefon alıcam ilk ne yükleyim (GÜNLÜK UYGULAMALAR HARİÇ)

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2022.01.18 21:46 786453123768 wich save files from my steam cloud should I save just in case? there are like two pages (I'm using slot 1 in MHR)

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2022.01.18 21:46 sjbene123 Double Chainring Build

Hi, I'm building up a KHS Urban-X into a urban commuteklunker build. Going for all silver and leather accents, and I'm snagged on the crankset. I'm currently thinking of going with a 2x10 drivetrain and would like to find a silver crankset with rings for under $75, used is fine. I'm having a hard time finding something that works.
I've never build my own crankset off a spider, but am thinking of going that route. I found this fairly affordable crankset with 104 bcd spiders on Amazon:
Can you point me in the right direction? I'm open to ideas.
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